How a Website Can Help a Business

How a Website Can Help a Business

alright guys welcome back this is the
second video in our mini-series learning web design from scratch this video is
going to be all about how a website can help a business I’m gonna be using some
cutting-edge technology the classic whiteboard to show you guys how it all
fits together so in the last video and I’ll link it in the description we
covered how to learn coding from scratch how to get up to speed on HTML and CSS
now we need to start figuring out how we can use that skill set to help a
business so just because we know how to make a website just because we know some
coding doesn’t necessarily mean we can help a business we also have to have
additional skill sets we got to know how business operates we got to know how
they get new clients new sales and where we might be able to help them do that
using a website for us to become a great web designer we not only have to
understand web design we also got understand business and sales so for
today’s video I’ve broken that into three general sections we got visibility
creating action and then our end results I’m gonna break each of these down in
detail show you exactly what they mean and get those concepts really nailed in
so you can start putting this to use right away first up visibility hugely
important concept we can build the best website in the world but if nobody’s
using it it’s going to be totally pointless so whenever we look at a
potential client whenever we pitch our services we got to make sure that it’s
gonna be part of some larger Sales System it’s not just gonna be the
website there’s got to be some way to get people onto that website and start
putting it into use think of this like building a racing car you build a best
racing car in the world you give it to somebody but they never put a driver in
it they never put it on the track it’s never gonna win any records it’s never
gonna get any results just like a website if we hand that off to a
business or a person and they just have nobody on there nobody using it nobody’s
seeing the content that you’ve produced it’s never going to get any results for
them no matter what the price is it’s gonna be a complete waste of time and
money so when we look for potential clients
when potential clients approach us we have to make sure that this website’s
going to be part of some sort of marketing sales system we can either
create that further and I’m going to show you some options or they already
have something in place if they want us to create it if they
don’t have anything at the moment there’s a few things that we can do so
we can do SEO we can make this website over time show up higher on Google
search results so that more people will come across it true natural searches
true Google if they really want some fast results and they have the money to
spend on it we can also do AdWords we can set up an AdWords system so that
when people search on Google our different search engines our results our
website comes up at the very top but that actually isn’t always necessary
sometimes businesses have their own marketing systems
maybe they rent out billboard space maybe live ads in the radio they might
have a TV commercial there might be in the newspaper maybe they have a lot of
trucks that drive around with their website printed on the side they might
have some way of just naturally driving customers to a website that doesn’t have
to do with Google it doesn’t have to do with search results and that’s
completely fine also they could have really good word-of-mouth a lot of
people might really like this business they start sharing it naturally start
talking about it telling their friends hey check out this website check out
this business another way could be that the business is linked from a lot of
different websites so Martin show up on Google so well but it’s talked about in
a lot of different places maybe it’s on a lot of forums maybe it’s some some
other directory websites maybe it’s just linked from a few Authority websites and
this is a way that they could be getting a lot of traffic a lot of users
naturally of course as well you’ve got social media this could be something
that’s shared a lot on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter or it could also be
that they’re running ads on those platforms as well but in either case it
could be that this website’s getting a lot of users not from Google not from
other websites but just off social media you’ll see that a lot nowadays with
certain sorts of products certain sorts of services the final one that I’ve
listed is material so maybe this company has produced something that’s out in the
real world that helps bring people back to the website could be a t-shirt with
the website on it it could be a book could be pamphlets leaflets whatever now
the important concept to understand is this has to already exist or it has to
be something that they’re willing to pay us to create has to be one or the other
or maybe even both but it definitely can’t be neither
nobody’s visiting this website doesn’t matter what we build doesn’t matter how
good it is it’s just never gonna get any results so if a business who potentially
wants a website if they don’t have marketing out there in the real world if
they’re not renting billboards if they don’t have you know t-shirts directing
people back if they’re not showing up on Google if people aren’t talking about
them if just nobody knows about this business nobody knows about the website
then a long way investing in the website they also have to invest in a way for
people to find that website they either have to pay you to set up SEO Adwords
or to get you out there promoting it on social media or another websites but
they can’t expect from just having a good website to have people finding it
and using it those are two different things this is a really important
concept to get into your mind from the very very beginning you need to work
with businesses that are not only willing to invest in the website but are
also making sure that people are actually going to get on there put it to
use and hopefully potentially take some end-result action as well okay so once
we’ve made sure that people are actually going to use this website we can start
focusing on the website itself so we got this class magic wizard here which is
gonna be you creating all this action from this amazing website that you’re
gonna build so this channel in general is gonna break down exactly how to
achieve that using different formatting with your design using copywriting using
certain images writing styles call-to-action different forms etc
that’s gonna be a much bigger topic that I’ll cover in much detail but for now as
an overview we need to realize that we have all these different people coming
to the website for a certain reason and we need to start turning that into some
form of action for these people to potentially take so how do we do this
good question this is the skill set that you’re gonna want to develop as a web
designer a lot of web designers like to focus on design on coding on certain
features of a website which is fine but to get those end results to really have
this website producing the most that it can for your clients it really has to be
built in such a way to turn all this potential energy into some sort of
action to some sort of end result so there’s certain ways you can set it
up to certain things you can focus on that are really going to improve the
chances of that happening that’s why I’ve created this YouTube
channel that’s what I’m hoping to teach you over time is different ways to turn
potential clients into actual sales actual results actual new customers new
leads for the people that are paying you to design this website so your ability
to do this the better you can do this the more people you can turn from just a
casual browser on a web site into an actual paying customer for the person
you’re building the website for that’s gonna justify your money your wages as a
web designer the best web design is out there can capture as much people’s
attention as possible get them interested get them motivated to take
some form of action and then turn that into an end result we’re gonna cover
those results in a second but that is the core skill set here that is what you
should be working on your ability to make something that turns all these
potential people at different stages of the buying cycle they might be highly
interested they might be somewhat interested they might just be casually
browsing trying to capture as much as you can
educate these people inform them get their interest get them motivated get
them having some form of desire and then turning that into an end action and end
result so that’s why I got this cool wizard character because I think this is
a pretty cool skill set you can turn potential buyers into actual paying
customers just true what you have in that website
true great copywriting great design different images different layouts etc
so pretty cool skill set to have when you see it done properly it’s really
really impressive and there’s a lot of different things happening behind the
scenes even on a very simple website that you might not realize so Third
Point is the end result what does this all actually mean what are we actually
working towards what does a client actually want to see from a great
website so if you asked someone what main result would somebody want when
they build a website for a business their probable answer is going to be
more sales that’s definitely the case no business is going to turn down more cash
for but there’s also a lot of other
different goals that a business might be trying to get true having a better
website I’ve listed a few here like getting better leads better sorts of
customers maybe targeting a new niche that their
business didn’t target before maybe it’s better productivity having a website
with systems in place that can reduce the workload for their actual staff so a
classic example is a better contact forum that grabs a lot of different
information and then that saves people doing that later offline another thing
could be they’re trying to improve their company image maybe they’re trying to
look more prestige maybe they’re trying to look more friendly maybe they’re
trying to break into a new market and they need to create that image from
scratch whatever exactly their goals are they’re gonna have some form of goals
it’s our job as a web designer to discover what these are discover how
important each one is and then how we can produce that result using the
website again our ability to do this is going to justify us charging you know
quite a large amount because in return they’re getting so much more if they’re
getting this huge amount of value from the work that we produce this is what
separates great web designers who make a lot of money from people who really
struggle to sell their services to get new clients to get the word out there
the difference is one group of people are making a website that produces an
end result that has a huge impact for the business at har ism the other people
are just designing websites that look kind of cool but they’re not thinking
about this bigger picture stuff and there’s no real great end result from
their work of course it’s hard to charge money when there’s just nothing in
return for the people who are potentially gonna hire you one last
concept to keep in mind is a website not only increases certain things but it
also reduces other things that a client might want to just cut down on or remove
altogether things like waste of time maybe they’re always telling clients
certain information that could be on the website instead if their services their
location their opening hours have certain things work about their product
or their service maybe they’re getting the wrong clients reaching out and
contacting them people who they just can’t cater to people they can’t help
the good websites going to reduce those clients even thinking that this business
is suitable and things like repetitive tasks what we
just talked about a few moments ago getting information from the website
that reduces people doing an offline or having content or systems on the website
that reduces action elsewhere for that business guys here’s the cool thing if
you can get this in your mind if you can start putting this to use from the very
beginning you’re going to explode your business as a web designer businesses
want to work with people to understand these concepts who can produce real end
results and not just a website that looks cool but does nothing keep this in
mind REE watch this video if you need to from the very very beginning as you
learn web design you need to also start understanding how a website can really
help a business and how it links into other parts of their sales system guys
thanks for watching this one hopefully it wasn’t too advanced any questions any
comments suggestions feedback leave them in the comments below I will write back
to you hit subscribe if you want I’m gonna have a lot more content on this
coming up soon I’m gonna take you from complete beginner stages the whole way
up making your fresh sale starting to grow your web design business thanks for
watching see you in the next video

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