Glenn Doman Method: The Secret Of Using Glenn Doman Flash Cards

Glenn Doman Method: The Secret Of Using Glenn Doman Flash Cards

Right Brain Education Library.Com 1st & World’s Largest Glenn Doman Method: More Than “Early Learning Flash Cards” What is “Glenn Doman Method”? If you follow Doman’s method, it is about the approach on how you teach your child and ways of creating an environment to stimulate your baby’s environment in order to bring out their potential. In every Glenn Doman Books, he always reminds the readers that the earlier you start your child’s early education, the easier for your child to learn. The best years are from newborn to 6 years of age. By understanding the best way how does a baby learn, you can teach your child more effectively. Here is one of his important quote, “All we do in the Institute is to give kids visual, auditory and tactile stimulation with increased frequency, intensity and in duration in recognition of the orderly way in which the brain grows.” Quote by, Professor Glenn Doman So, when it comes to teaching your child Glenn Doman Method at home, follow his quote… Babies learn through: 1. Visual 2. Auditory 3. Tactile/Sense of touch 1. Frequency – It is all about consistency 2. Intensity – Introducing as many flashcards and flashing every card less than a second 3. Duration – Keeping the flashcard lessons short and FUN. Also, keep in mind the most important thing to get your approach to teaching and nurturing your child, 1. Love 2. Respect 3. Joy Teaching your baby is very easy, somehow scientist can’t explain how a baby’s brain is “wired” to absorb so much knowledge and ability to learn so fast. His methods have been used for many years and many other right brain education schools have been following his approach to teach babies. For More Flashcards & Exercise Visit Right Brain Education.Com

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