Gifts for Him: Travel Edition (10 Must Haves)

Gifts for Him: Travel Edition (10 Must Haves)

Hi Travel Bugs! It’s me, Simply Cherie, helping you stay organized and savvy
while traveling. In this video, I’m going to show you 10
Gifts for Him: Travel Edition. The first thing on the list is this
TSA-approved Inateck travel backpack. It’s 40 liters. This is in the color
blue. It comes with different colors, and the nice thing is that it can be a
carry on or it can be a personal item. So here it has the strap that can go
onto the handle of the rolled luggage. It has a secret compartment
here with a zipper. Nice padding on the straps
and here on the back, and there’s a handle here.
You can carry it that way, and there’s lots of different
pockets in here. Let me show you. There’s straps here to keep
it in place on both sides, and then it opens all
the way flat like that. So there’s a pocket here for toiletries, different areas, nice padding. There’s even a rain cover
for the backpack itself. And then this part holds
the 17 inch laptop. This area can be for a tablet, and you can put notebooks
and books in there. And then this side extends like that
where you can put a water bottle, and then there are pockets here in front. There’s a deeper pocket up here
with a couple compartments. There’s different slots
for pens and your phone, and then there is a smaller
pocket here with a zipper. If you want to carry it with this
handle and not use the straps, you can actually detach the straps like that, and there’s a Velcro up here. Open it and you can put
the straps in there. Now the straps are tucked away in here.
You can see it here from the side, this side. So now you can carry it with this handle
around the airport or wherever he is going. Another thing I
recommend are compression cubes. So compression cubes are perfect for
when you need a little bit more space or you have a smaller bag or you just want
to go lighter because most compression cubes are lighter in material.
This is by Suited Nomad. And the way compression cubes work are
you put your clothing in these cubes. I usually roll them, and
then they are double zipper. So they are zipped one way, and then they are zipped the other way. So you can see it extends that way. So you put your stuff in and then you
zip one of the zippers and then you zip the other set and it pushes the
air out. It compresses the air out, compresses your clothing,
and creates more space. The other thing I recommend
is a compact toiletry kit. I like this one from
Travelon. I actually use it, and I even have a full review on it. It has my toiletries in here because
I don’t bring a lot of toiletries. I try not to. It is hanging, which I think a hanging toiletry
kit, no matter which one you get, is ideal because you
can hang it near … on a hook on a rod in the bathroom. A lot of times the bathroom won’t have
a lot of space and so a hanging one is perfect. Another thing on
this list of gifts for him, travel edition, is a
tech accessory organizer. They may not have many toiletries, but they probably have a lot of tech gear
and accessories that go with that ike USB cords, chargers, all those
little knickknacks. Okay. So I did a full review on this. I’ll put a link to that
video up in the i-cards. And this is by Travelon. I love the color. Another thing I recommend
is a Cocoon Grid-it! This is a five by seven in the
color black. And this is genius. You can put any gadgets,
cords, battery packs, chargers and do any configuration. If you’re someone who likes
to see things like laid out, I think that’s why Grid-It! Is just genius in the way
it’s made this design. And even things like clips, you could just clip it on there. Okay. And the fantastic thing is
on the other side, of course, when you’ve taken all this out, this
is a mouse pad. A Cocoon Grid-It! They come in different
sizes. They are awesome. I showed this before in one of my videos. It is a power bank or a
battery charger by Fospower. It has a carabiner and a compass and there
is also a flashlight that’s built in. You can’t see it cause
it’s lighted right now. But these are the different chargers
you can put in. It charges my iPhone. Another thing I recommend
is a neck travel wallet. So this obviously goes around the neck.
It’s adjustable with this thing here. And it goes under the shirt in
front. It has a clear area here. It’s RFID blocking. There’s a
section here on the other side, another zippered area for that.
And this flap opens with a Velcro, and there’s two sections in
there, divided by a mesh divider. Another thing I recommend on this gifts
for him is a collapsible water bottle. You just roll like this. Okay. And then it has this strap with
a hook that goes right here, and you just put it on
like that and it collapses. It takes less space, which is great. And then you even have
the strap as a wristlet. If you want to hold your water bottle
like that, you can keep the spout covered, and in place like that. They come in different colors.
So there – a collapsible water bottle. Another great
gift is a cooling towel. I got this. It’s a pack of four. So
you can see the different colors. Now a cooling towel is amazing when you
are traveling during the hot months or in a tropical country. You just wet it, and it stays cool and you
can wrap it around your neck. You can cool yourself down, put it on
your head, wrap it around your head. It totally helps. With the
carabiner, it looks like this. Alright. And then last but not
least, I recommend these gear ties. They are reusable rubber twist
ties. They’re even trademarked. They come in a set of four or even
larger. I’ve had these for years. But I tell you once you have these,
they’re a little bit addicting. See, you close it like that. Okay? Take it and you twist it. They,
they’re not going anywhere. There. I’m telling you. These are definitely one of my
favorite tools for everything. I’ll list these items in
the description box below. They’re also on my kit. co. Question of the day: What gift
are you going to give him? I’d like to know in the comments
below. I hope you enjoyed this video. Have fun shopping, and I’ll
see you in the next one. Bye! [music]

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