Getting Started with the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server – Introduction

Getting Started with the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server – Introduction

Starting Up with the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server


In this short Video we will demonstrate
how quick and easy it is to get started with the world-class GRAPHISOFT BIM Server!

might be a solo architect or a sizeable architectural practice but in the design and documentation
workflow you still need to share your work with others.

The GRAPHISOFT BIM Server helps
architectural studios and firms of any size share their design projects securely and collaborate
real-time inside the office or from remote locations of their choice, even across continents.

GRAPHISOFT BIM Server was designed for Architects not for IT professionals so it works in any
standard office setup through any standard computer network.

And the best news is that the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server comes free-of-charge with every
ArchiCAD license!

Join us for this short video demonstration and you shall leave confident
that making the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server operational is a real “plug & play” experience!

up the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server is a real simple 5-step process.

One: Select your BIM Server computer

Two: Run the BIM Server installer wizard

Three: Create your BIM Server administrator
Four: Setup network access for the BIM Server

Five: Configure email notifications for the BIM Server

If you want to use the BIM Server just inside your office the above steps are almost like
a “Next, … Next, … Finish” process.

At the same time if you operate a sophisticated
computer network the BIM Server Setup Wizard lets you configure your BIM Server to provide
access literally from any corner of the Internet. STEP #1
Selecting your BIM Server computer

The GRAPHISOFT BIM Server was designed to run on any standard CAD workstations with
at least 4 GB RAM. This maybe sufficient if you only have 2-3
moderate projects running simultaneously.

However if you have a number of decent-size
projects running parallel you will need to go for a more robust 64-bit computer with
as much memory as possible (minimum 8 GB RAM). You might also choose to install the BIM Server
on another regular workstation to host additional design projects.

Remember the GRAPHISOFT
BIM Server scales extremely well with your Hardware so please take into consideration
the following factors when selecting you BIM Server computer:

One: It can be any computer in the network with sufficient hardware Two: It should not run from the same computer
which already runs other server applications such as the mail server.
Three: Practically the BIM Server can be
installed on any of the ArchiCAD workstations but a standalone configuration is more optimal
for speed, stability and management
Four: It should be a computer with multiprocessors
(at least 2 processors)
Five: It should have at least 4 GB RAM but
preferably more (minimum 8 GB with 64-bit operating system)

For specific information on Hardware requirements, please read BIM Server Specifications page
of ArchiCAD Wiki!
In order to enjoy the show in your native
environment please click the logo of your operating system to proceed!

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