Free Guy Trailer REACTION

Free Guy Trailer REACTION

Free Guy is chock full of fan favorites!

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  1. It's not confusing if you understand video game culture. He is an otherwise non-playable character in an online video game, when he wakes up and decides to do his own thing. If you play Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row etc online with your friends and see computer-controlled pedestrians walking around, Reynolds' character is one such person.

    The stuff about being a good guy isn't clesr to me, but presumably that is the plot twist that we are supposed to watch the film for.

  2. Like Wreck it Ralph and Ready Player One I enjoyed the video game aspects. Never played Fortnite. Looks like a good fit for Reynolds and Disney.

  3. I had the same reaction. It LOOKS fun, but I feel like the trailer isn't very…clear on what the premise is? Idk..It's strange.

  4. Truman show should have gotten Carey an Oscar, love that movie. Seems RR is playing nice in PG13 fare so the mouse will approve Deadpool 3…that's my theory

  5. Hmmmm. The advertising isn’t really that great, if you’re not familiar with video games you wouldn’t really know what’s going on for most of the trailer. Should’ve started with someone playing a video game and it zooming into the tv or something and then starting the trailer. Seems like a mix of a bunch of different movies, I’m almost positive this will bomb.

  6. Grace this is GTA Online the movie! 😂
    Basically the NPC is going to fight back. It’s actually a pretty good pitch.

  7. I actually got a Jumanji vibe from this trailer. Wasn't really interested until I saw Jodie Comer. I will see this for Jodie Comer alone.

  8. Unlike the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, THIS one I can figure out. This guy starts out seemingly as a video game NonPlayable Character, but we and he learn during the bank robbery scene, that he's not just an extra, an NPC, but can instead play an important role in the game and make a difference. He actually has a purpose. Expect that underlying message to make for at least a few warm fuzzy moments.

  9. Hope You All Are Well 😀 I think the idea is ALL MMO's exist in this universe & Guy is an NPC in all MMO's because most NPC's are very generic looking Characters so you wouldn't notice the same Character in every game, kind of like a extra on a Movie, who appears in multiple movies.

  10. This looks like Grand Theft Auto which technically, everybody is a bad guy. And Free Guy is an NPC who decided to fight back to players. That's what I get from the trailer anyway.

    Wreck it Ralph + GTA V

  11. Yep Ryan Reynolds is crushing it in this trailer. He's really selling it well and who knew Mariah Carey's Fantasy makes an ideal choice as the music.

  12. It's actually not her "natural British accent". You probably wouldn't understand her natural accent, which is heavily Scouse (she's from Liverpool).

  13. Casual gamer here, well actually i haven't played a game in years but i was able to figure what was going on before the reveal in the trailer.

  14. still not up on the premise of the movie, maybe I need to watch the trailer nee the reaction. Also, IMHO, Truman Show wasn't that great. It was borderline juvenile, the pet detective (pt1) had better "dramatic" overtones…

  15. If Ryan Reynolds did this, He knows it's going to be great. He's Wreck-It Ralph going turbo in a Grand Theft Auto Fornite mix.
    Add a pinch of Lego movie with what seems to be a possible human connection somewhere out there.

  16. I think it's confusing because they don't do a very good job of explaining that he's normally a non-playable character, and this movie is about him getting tired of things always happening TO him because of players, so he decides to become a player himself. In the trailer's defense, you can kind of get that when you sit and think about it, but I'm sure most people will see this trailer and wonder if it's a Ready Player One situation where people are practically living in a virtual world.

    Hopefully the next trailer (and the actual film) do a better job of establishing the premise.

  17. He basically finds out that his entire world is a video game and because he has the glasses to see it he can be key to stopping it. I've honestly not seen anything like this before so I'm happy to go see it

  18. No grace it's GTA…and Ryan Reynolds is a NPC who becomes a Player for some reason. That the question. You should be asking in your breakdown video.

  19. I can totally see a PG-13 Deadpool now without any hint of anxiety or worry. I mean I'd prefer a hard R under a subsidiary but this style works. It absolutely works. End of this entire dang discussion.

  20. It's more like GTA 5 with mods or a crazier version of Saint's Row, I didn't sense anything Fortnite related, but then again I haven't played in a long long time

  21. Yeh I'm confused but it's not like the premace of fortnite more like if ppl were killing ppl and blowig things up in sims.

  22. Why is it confusing for you? Don't you get it? He is just an extra in the video games. So he is getting out of what he is supposed to do.

  23. almost didn't recognize Jodie Comer with the dark hair… and yes she is absolutely amazing in Killing Eve, people should watch it for her performance alone, she's that good!

  24. Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds as usual

    This trailer was cringe af especially the taika part 🤮

    This is gonna bomb hard lol

    No one:

    Grace: FoRtnITe…

  25. The plot seems hidden. Which is great for a trailer this long. I dont know fortnight mostly because it's not something I care for, yet I love this trailer. I want to see this movie, please.

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