Fox & Friends Can’t Say SERVER | The Daily Show

Fox & Friends Can’t Say SERVER | The Daily Show

The password is: server. What brought things different… Changed the component was that the conversation
the president had was stored in a super
secret separate computer. And that’s where they put
the Putin conversation, which was a couple of days later, and I believe a Saudi Arabian
leader conversation as well. And so that’s why Democrats now wanna look at those conversations, because it was all placed in that place in that super secret gizmo computer. A repository.

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  1. So even if it was put into some "secret repository" their content is no different then Nixon's and it got the job done!

  2. super secret separate computer.
    Bitch stfu! your old ass to dumb to explain these things Anyone who has the time to listen to thier bs every day should understand how retarded they are.

  3. Have you ever just sat back and watch someone struggle with trying to spin a lie while not wanting to tell a truth that they had once fed other people something similar and somehow they had to reach for words this time? Sad thing is, these people are horrible at it

  4. i never knew it was difficult to say the word SERVER. i always try to avoid it as a child even now as an adult i rather use Super Secret Gizmo Computer. now thats sound easy

  5. Catch-22 said you need an expert to said it's a server. You yourself cannot claimed it was a server. And if it a server as claimed by experts, it's definitely has parallels to Trump's Clintons email server accusations. Oh, How clever & idiotic these foxes are. Lol

  6. They don't want to say "Server" because they spent years talking about Hillary's email and server and they know everyone will go: "wait a minute…" Hypocrites.

  7. Y'all know they're avoiding that word since they slammed H. Clinton about her email server last election. They know the word but are avoiding the double back they'll get from other sources (like TDS and CNN) who won't be afraid to have them side by side the responses regarding Clinton's Server Scandal THEN and Trump's Server Scandal NOW. Can't wait to see the Trump reel I'm sure he'll say something about it at a "Trump" clan rally.

  8. Can't say the "s-word", they can't draw connections with their Clinton conspiracy. It's nice to know that even people who live in fantasy land have to keep their lies and falsehoods in order.

  9. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find Trump's secret servers, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press,”

  10. I love it when you reveal the crazy stuff going on at Fox. My sympathies to the unpaid intern who has to watch Fox to find them.

  11. This is funny but but but
    They are really going into details watching fox all the time just to find out their next pot of gold.

  12. this is so stupid. bro. these agendas the media have are so blatant. its crazy that people still believe anything they say is true journalism, everything they do has an ulterior motive thats pushing a way of thinking. they dont allow people to think for themselves. what ever happen to give information and form your own opinions.

  13. "Computer" or "repository" is actually much more acurate. A server is a software, not a machine. So they probably used a server software to store the stuff on the computer, but it is stored on the computer, in a repository.

  14. Do these Fixers at Fox have children?? I hope their young eyes are watching their parents make complete fools of themselves falling over each other to contort themselves into the weirdest positions imaginable .. just to save a lost cause, who can't be saved even from his own self if his life depended on it .. bigly sad and embarrassing

  15. i can appreciate the effort he puts into avoiding the term, but the performance is kind of weak.. :}
    *asking a 4th grader for synonyms, you'd get more than just the “Super Secret Gizmo Computer” in 30 seconds ..

  16. All the stuttering, awkward pauses….was someone holding a thesaurus?!? “Repository” HA
    SIDEBAR: Trevor: can you plz give your feeback about the Tx cop found guilty of killing a man b/c in HIS apt b/c she thought it was HER apt 😒….thx

  17. the thought was…what changed the component was… The conversation the prez had was – wait for it, wait for it, wait… wait… WAS HIDDEN IN A SEPERATE SERVER! WTF…

  18. Damn he's hiding like 3 phone conversations… least he didn't delete 30,000 emails after subpoena for them.

  19. Trump has had more leaks from Obama hold overs in the first six months of his presidency than any other president has had during one or both of their terms. They would be well served to have all of his interactions inaccessible to these traitor scumbags.

  20. My God man…when it's HRC or the Democrats your bunch say "Server" like you're at a Denny's at 4:30 in the morning wanting a Espresso with their Grand Slam. When it's Mr. Trump and the Republicans, suddenly you act like a grandfather trying to explain how to install a video game in a Windows 95.

  21. Oh, good god, man! You see, this is the kind of problem you run into when you teach your viewers to detest such an incredibly useful word!

  22. Mind you they are also mumbling because they also haven't slept well in four years. (yes, including the 2016 election season)
    Their waking up schedule used to be: Wake up at 4AM, have breakfast, go to work. 5AM they start to get ready, read through the instructions on how to lie about democrats and the state of the country, 5:30AM get into suit and makeup, 6AM ready to go live on Fox&Friends.
    Now their schedule is: wake up at 2AM, have breakfast, go to work. 3AM, nervously wait for DT's tweet storm of the day. 4AM all-hands staff meeting on how to make that look good WHILE DT is still adding more to his lies and rage. 5:30AM get into suit and makeup, 5:50AM go take one last 'bathroom break,' (Fox bathrooms are a cacophony of screams at this time) 6AM go live on Fox&Friends.

    Seriously, even Fox News people realize by now it was so much easier just making up lies about Hillary or Obama than it is dealing with DT's tweets. At least Hillary's e-mails got lost/deleted so you could make sh!t up. Or when you're lazy, don't even speculate what they contain, just repeat the same thing over and over, day after day that it is crime enough that they got deleted. Takes ten minutes preparation each day tops!
    With DT the tweets are there for everyone to read. You can't make them up! You have to deal with them, and with sometimes thirty tweets in a single day that's hours of stress on that day and the following days to come!

  23. Who's going to pay for the alligators and snakes can anybody from the Fox News or the fox audience tell me cause they try to get a price on it on your man-child

  24. They legit cant say the word "servers" because they want to keep the connection of Servers = Hillary. OMG this group and their viewers are insane.

  25. If this doesn't prove bias I don't know what does. They intentionally avoid be saying server as to not have their audience paint Trump in the same color as Hillary.

  26. I guess Dems here can't see the difference between a separate server securely stored in the White House with access granted to top administration officials and no doubt serviced by government IT, versus in Hillary's bathroom with a goober technician at the helm hidden from the whole world.

  27. the internet brought us "two girlfriends and a cup," now faux noise brings us "two guys and a girlfriend," which is the more depraved?


  28. Do we say server and look like complete hypocrites, or stumble over our words trying not to say server and look like complete idiots? Let's go with the latter.

  29. You are just being stupid Daily Show. Anything to pick on any supporter or at least non hater of Trump you can't stand. GROW UP!

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