Drake Hosting ESPYs – Hate It?

Drake Hosting ESPYs – Hate It?

well over 10 welcome to do it. the port
s where the Chris drew Carter you can follow me on Twitter at that handle
Chris drew Carter what up dude or something the hell you
been the tenement yeah the beach well you reside here is that
mean you too good for us now now never to go for you guys know miss
you guys yeah unit and the well definitely we’re
talking about that you make me look super white so speaking
I’m super white Drake is hosting the ESPYs he did a fine fine job on Saturday Night
Live and you know I thing you said in a mic
director Mike said we are gonna camera next time director Mike set he brings up some
great points you know he really does he need a mic so
but yeah so okay look here’s what happened he
hosted SNL and he did a great job with us and how we can all agree on that especially when you get out Rodriguez
alert that was hilarious so now is getting the chance to do the SP so
personally before we even go through the Twitter
criticisms and what not and the vacate that people have for
Drake I we’ll get to that in a moment Chris to
carter your thoughts I am I’m not here break
but he’s going to be cloned I feel like a
lot of people who make final in what way I mean I was the social
network stuff well as I mean I get amused when I see like Photoshop
pictures OJ doing something stupid like Drake the typeof on Twitter feed it yet so I mean by is that I’m not I mean
if you like you I got wrapping R&B then you like
Drake so I mean we in there well by Trey Songz trees on his can think 10 country songs
fall in that category where ap sometime a little on the AT&T the Rose is a great thing i know im you up to if
you go on i tunes you ever genre Trey Songz gonna be an R&B Drake’s should be in miami is a human everywhere
and at times yeah it’s only in those but is not real
rap it’s not like and he’s honestly result is a far more
County I’m digging myself a hole here okay so here’s basically what the
Twitter explosion with consistent I’ll universal night coli make says we’ve got five
nominees for best team surprisingly all five of my favorite
you’re all winners to me straight hosting the ESPYs continuing on
met and how many athletes trinket hug we’re hosting their espy’s at I we I on the red carpet or like pre pre-show
yeah it without having on our that they would
do you think when especially all athletes your if you’re over 66 in the NBA player
if I goodbye to you later yep it’s like belly button had he does
like that them on earth around her I get the gaza like I did I another okay scepter II continuing on we have more sports
pickles as Drake is hosting the ESPYs perfect you can find out who all the
best teams and players are so he knows some other teams and players
he has friends on now we’re taking this too literally continuing on what else we have I
believe we are more arlene pictures okay whitney says King boo fine I suppose I Whitney bowling James
and between handles for sure alright who else okay so here
are the pictures that we found the SB Nation dot com %uh all the teams that Drake is in love with well let me
pose with louisiana so continuing on I don’t know their
feelings and winners adidas lay winners he does like when it is like India where
n that you had when you were younger who was like Ali I love the Miami
Hurricanes but you know charles Woodson is on Michigan’s I love Michigan own any George is doing really well the
Titans I like the Titans yeah he did he dislikes teams are I’m I
have a friend that just dislikes the Cowboys the Yankees in like
it back in the day the 49ers are you know whether the rain-delayed what you’re going to
have a long ways that I dislike teams that win shade bandwagon Mario Balotelli writer I
actually like the I like that lecture continuing on he’s
like sports but I mean it’s just so but then this is so I don’t understand
so extra mean there’s a lot entertainers that it the entertainment an athlete
crossover is this is not new but he just takes it
to another level where it seems like he at has every like team logo team shirt and I like merely
supporting every team even internet is a fine and the
entertainers have across her but usually the entertainers have their certain teams at
the root for that there always is a stick with that one
team in illegal like the Yankees in the net yeah I’m idea likely like the Knicks
authorize they stick with their loyalty to ease seems like he’s just like I got
there it is you have friends everywhere so I’m just
gonna support everybody like three teams in the Prem yeah it is United United and
Manchester City are already been to iRiver that like the eighties in the
resolution either I i’ve seen a photo of him with the like
the Raptors but his front-runner so you should eat or legal he should know non-oem say he should
always be with he’s from Toronto yes be ret baby represent and they have
Drake night but his buddies like he’d been cuz he’s
where he lives there now too late because they like the bra 919 and his
yeah that’s why we have the house they realize it is with the Seahawks this is
like what and obviously like it like as a
team and the players are you not going to be a upset that directed at the best price is
way out of line with the 49ers yesterday yeah he goes to a US the funniest were
here to zoom out a little the so-called is so in the media like so so happy to be around athlete and the
tweet was like drink is everyone’s have drinkers
everyone’s the happiest girl friend he so happy in
the bottom right with the markets can be so happy with no
bra on a little brother past that love with the brother is the he’s good at what he does in and this
year apart he’s so happy to be with Colby and because when the men who are
you related topics grab a delight wrapping R&B even electric but everyone a pic everyone likes track
tonight he saved safer more reliable interest this
corporation if say say but he won’t get BSP’s in deep
shit that’s what you’re set for sure like set
mine he’s a bit put the fact I like he celeb least you know it the
advertising is that we’re not gonna go off the deep end and say some crazy lear call you know please
Like Beckham like when Rick Ross was with I’m Reebok we get dropped because the air
with drugs and the fuck with me you know I gotta know is
the inner the universe meeting with the members along with the
verse with a girl and yes drugs in they dropped on brave the bailing just a
bit so I’ll is safe drink safe he makes the mic parents
would let your kids watch but very marketable great was the
Degrassi member see ummm he was the kid in the
wheelchair user of leadership yes I’ll you ruined sorry alright all of Penn a are you gonna enjoy it’s just a yes or
no actually it will take everyone starting with you politely are you going
to enjoy yes you’re going to know I’m gonna watch on but I was gonna see 10 amor y tu I’m
gonna be one of those social media watching as insurers will let to see
what people tweet about the show very 2013 it easy some funny stuff going
on while the show’s going on someone watch okay Guinness care injury that for sure
is going to be but I mean and that’s what they’re talking
about say that the whole point when there by the West because even lower rate at least through to
watch okay I’m probably gonna want it’ll probably be one of those DVR nights
where you know I am probably want it later
some higher my heart you I I have taken a real obstacle that is a
bit better Houma LA their first video on demand America thumbs up lot K I I okay so she’s an alright so there’s poor people in the
studio that Amaral green never gonna watch it so they are then yes me the cleaning the
Internet with Drake talk but the throw up ok

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  1. Drake isnt even athletic, He spent more time in a wheel chair then doing something productive.
    He's a bad image to athletes really.

  2. I keep seeing this tool on espn. It's so obvious that this dick has no idea what he's talking about. Im sick of him already

  3. @TYTSports Na Rick Ross actually said "put molly all in her champagne… She don't even no it" In the Rocko Remix to U.O.E.N.O…. Not "FuckWitMeYouNoIGotIt"!

  4. "I think he just like winners" He's been a raptor fan for a while. Even when we were not winning. He has done a lot to help make the franchise what it is today. 

  5. lol Apparently, Drake isn't that much a sports fan. He's not into watching other guys manhandle each other. How lame and uncool is that? I expected more from you rick. 

  6. Drake's teams that he always sticks with are Toronto based teams.. thats pretty clear considering hes at like all the Raptors games n announces at Raps games.. And people also buy n wearing a whole slew of different teams clothes all the time just based on matching up your clothing lol. I have my favorite teams.. but I have all kinds of Jerseys and shirts of different teams too. If you're going to bash ANYONE.. you should do more research and show both sides of things. Like you guys said.. Drake should have his own category of music.. you can have your own label of youtube videos.. and its called propaganda. 

  7. We love Drake, he is the Britney Spears of rap (only with bad songs that sound like a ten year old wrote), he is awesome. (not…..)

  8. has anybody ever seen somebody fail so bad on T.V that you feel embarrassed watching? That's how i feel after watching five minutes of drake hosting the espys. Such a faggot smh.

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