Do pop-unders affect ranking?

Do pop-unders affect ranking?

>>Matt Cutts: Biz in the USA asks an interesting
question. He says, ‘We got rid of a profitable pop-under
ad (since we thought the concept was user unfriendly)’ — which I agree with – ‘but
then pages-per-visit and time-on-page dropped – along with our rankings. Does Google
reward or penalize for a pop-under, directly or indirectly?’ To the best of my knowledge, we don’t either
reward or penalize in any sort of way for having a pop-under or a pop-up or anything
like that. Users don’t like it so it could be that users
are not linking to your site as much or they thought that your site was lower quality and
so they’re telling their friends not to go there. But to the best of my knowledge – and I’m
not familiar with everybody and every single thing in search quality – but I don’t know
of anything where we would say, ‘Oh this site has a pop-up or a pop-under so don’t rank
it as highly.’ It’s a common feature request. A lot of people want us to do that. But to the best of my knowledge, we’ve never
done anything like that.

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  1. @quebecclimber you got a good point. "to my best acknowledge" is not the most precise answer, so as you say it would be cool if someone that does know would answer to.

  2. @quebecclimber Fair point. So far I haven't found too many other quality engineers who are really excited about stepping in front of the camera for questions at this level of detail.

  3. @MattCutts – Matt, beggars can't be choosy. I think you do an awesome job and I go to YouTube at least once a day solely to watch these videos. I'm a small business owner who wants to have some solid knowledge on SEO, SEM, etc. and these videos allow me to get that. Keep up the great work and thanks to the whole Google gang.

  4. +1 to the request, hopefully this will force some of the large websites to stop serving those annoying popup ads, but then again I never see them thanks to my browser 😀

  5. @quebecclimber on the subject of the search criteria, I honestly think that so many different things have been added to the algorithm that no one person can keep track of all of it; even if we lose our Matt, we wouldn't gain omniscience. X)

  6. Case study – I had added cpalead to my most visited "-download.html" page for a month, then it suddenly drops from google on all keywords from rankings. 4 Weeks passed, I removed the code from the page and submitted the site map, and ofc it was back from 1 (with site links) to 3 position.

    So telling us "to best of my knowledge" 2x doesn't explain why in the hell an individual page in my case that had javascript pop up code would be dropping in and out.

  7. Thanks for clearing that up Matt, as its been a misconnection amongst many people, who have been arguing their cases from both sides, for many years.

    (Matt, Google His Hair Clinic, it may be just what your looking for without knowing it)

  8. I was page rank 4 and then added a popup/lightbox and my pagerank dropped down to pagerank 1 after about a week. Has anyone else experienced this?

  9. Cutts said no, Meuller says yes:  … I'll be the deciding vote here with 15 years of practicing SEO … the answer is yes, pop-ups are harmful for the exact reason Mueller mentioned.   But it's not "the pop-up penalty" to them, it's the "what does what the user sees actually look like" check that triggers it.

  10. Has this changed?
    Do opt-in pop-ups or chat-bots (for email list building) impact SEO directly or technically — other than by visitors being turned-off?
    Would an exit-intent-pop-up have less impact?

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