Discord Server Boosting

Discord Server Boosting

Hey guys, I am Trui and Welcome to my YouTube Channel. Today we’re going to talk about a brand new thing called server boosting on Discord *Music* So what is Discord Server boosting? Everybody with Discord Nitro can choose a server to boost. This server can level depending on the amount of people that boost the server So let’s look into it You only need 2 people to boost a server to get to level 1 If a server reaches level 1, you’ll get a certain amount of perks You get 50 extra emote slots, so 100 in total 128kbps audio quality An animated server icon And a custom server splash background And to make this even cooler, if you have 10 people boosting your server you can reach level 2 with level 2 you get an other 50 emotes slots so 150 in total 256kbps audio quality A server banner And 50mb upload for everybody in the server, even if they don’t have Nitro And is you have a lot of people boosting your server (50), you can reach level 3 An other 100 emotes, which is 250 in total 384kbps audio quality 100MB upload for everybody in the server even if they don’t have nitro A custom URL. You can have Discord.gg/ whateveryouwant if you reach level 3 That is awesome, I want that! If you want to help, you can boost my server To boost a server, you go to the server. in the top left you will see its name: click on it. Here it will say: boost server. Click on it. and you will boost the server To manage your boosts, again go to the server, click on the server name and boost server You will see this button called manage your boost Here you will see the cooldown, the server you’re boosting and the level the server is in I’m pretty excited about this feature. Let me know what you think in the comments. btw we also have a Discord server, you can find it in the description don’t forget to like, subscribe, tick the little bell icon, and I will see you in the next video

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  1. I was just wondering where does the money go to does it go to the Discord owner or someone else?? Plus do I have to renew every month

  2. I'm wanting to press continue but I'm scared it will just finish the boost cause I'm wanting to use my $10 to boost but I don't want it to charge a different account.

  3. For some reason i have classic nitro and i cant boost because when i go to try to boost a server it says "UPGRADE TO NITRO TO BOOST!" can you help me?

  4. hi, are your boosts permanent? so if I was to buy 30 boosts and boost my channel to max level, would it be permanent even if I cancel my Nitro subscription?

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