DELETE WordPress PLUGINS: Uninstall and REMOVE Plugins Tutorial

DELETE WordPress PLUGINS: Uninstall and REMOVE Plugins Tutorial

in this quick video I’m gonna show you
how you can delete WordPress plugins WordPress plugins are kind of like apps
that you install on your phone there’s pretty much a plug-in for anything that
you need for your website when you first install WordPress onto your new website
it will come with plugins that are already installed it’s kind of like when
you buy a new cell phone and it art it comes with apps that aren’t already
installed on your phone and maybe those apps you aren’t going to use well
WordPress is the same way there’s probably plugins right now on your
website that you aren’t ever going to use so why have them there so the best
thing we can do is just go in delete them so they don’t take up space to
uninstall and leet your WordPress plugins is super easy it only takes a
couple seconds so let me show you okay so you’ll just want to go over here and
click plugins and this will bring you to the page where all your plugins are
installed and here we have two plugins installed so we’re going to click this
box up here to choose both of them and then under this drop-down menu we’re
going to click deactivate and hit apply okay so our plugins are deactivated and
now we have to go and delete them so click the box again and then choose
delete and apply and then just push okay okay so our plugins are deleted and
deactivated so if we click back over here and refresh the page we can see
that you do not have any plugins I hope that this video helped you to get your
plugins deleted leave me a comment that says yes if it worked for you thank you
so much for watching and if you want to learn more about how to build websites
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