Best Websites To Find Remote Jobs

Best Websites To Find Remote Jobs

So I’m gonna show you websites to find
remote jobs in this video and I’m also gonna go on my computer and actually
show you some of those sites where you can find work. Now before I go into the
best websites to find remote jobs I want to start with a quick distinction of
gigs versus jobs. This video is gonna focus on finding remote jobs and I’m not
really gonna discuss gigs, you know. Gigs are you know, just to define them, gigs
are things that where you can work for multiple companies at one time and
they’re not and it’s not necessarily full-time employment.
Gigs are just little pieces of work you do, some sites you can find those if
you’re looking for them or like Amazon Mechanical Turk and, and a few there’s a bunch of other sites but we’re gonna focus on
finding full-time remote jobs in this video. Now a few things you need to
understand, it’s a very competitive marketplace for finding remote jobs.
Again, you may think you’re very valuable but you’re generally speaking going to
take a pay cut if you are working a remote job, okay? Because there’s people
all over the world so that’s one quick distinction, you have to really fight
hard to get these remote jobs and if you get one, you have to keep it, okay? And
make sure you’re always at the top of your skill set because employers have a
lot more people to choose from when they’re looking for remote jobs,
doesn’t everybody want to work at home and play with their kids and you know
hang on the beach in Thailand? Everybody wants to, you know. And have a
consistent paycheck. It’s obvious, everybody wants to do that so it’s more
competitive. Second off is you want to have a niche, so a niche, if you are a
video editor, it’s better to be a video editor for self-development videos, if
you have a really defined niche, you’re gonna be able, there’s gonna be way more
companies that are going to be willing to work you can work remotely with, okay.
One side note to keep in mind is any job can be a remote job and I’m not gonna
talk about how you can turn any job into a remote job in this video but really if
you have a very well-defined niche like what I just said, you know, self development
YouTube videos, you can work remotely anywhere, you just contact the company
that has those sorts of clients, you can work remotely for them. If you have a
niche such as you know, you are.. I don’t know it can be, it can be anything, you
know. You are a web designer for consumer electronics websites that’s, you know,
that’s a good niche, you know, that’s something that you can turn any job in a
remote job if you’re one of the better people in your field. The last thing is
ego. Ego, you got to get rid of it, okay? You’ve got to get rid of your ego when
you’re working a remote job. Again, the marketplace is very competitive so if
you come into something where, you know, and I’m not saying lose your personality
but if you have, you know, if you have certain political beliefs, if you have
certain religious beliefs, if you have certain you know, if you have a certain
type of sense of humor that some people find divisive, if you are, if you joke
around with your clients too much, if you are there’s any number of things where
you really inject your ego into situations and your job or with your
employer, again, in a regular job, people are basically you know, people can handle
these weird differences in personality but when you’re working remotely, you
can’t do it, you can’t do it. You really just have to be client focused, how can I
get the most work done, how can I give you what you want not inject what I feel
is needed into the situation. So you really have to move your ego aside and
just become a productive little capitalist citizen. Now I’m going to show
you these three different distinctions about remote job but you know, you need
to get them and I’m gonna show you some websites where
you can find a remote job. Okay, so let’s check out some websites where you can
find remote jobs. So the first website I’m bringing up here is called Working
Nomads and wWorking Nomads is kind of a play on this term called digital nomads.
Digital nomads is kind of, you know, the new term for people who are really
working remote jobs. It kind of glorifies this side of things because generally
speaking, if you can work a remote job and I’m talking about a real full-time
job or you’re getting paid like it’s a full-time job, you can live anywhere in
the world you want. It’s a really beautiful thing and in another video, I
talked about you know how to take time off and travel for a year. I talked about
how really all you need to travel full-time is five hundred to two
thousand dollars and really, any job, any skill based job that you can get here in
America is gonna pay you at least two thousand dollars a month no matter what
skill you have so you can travel full-time with any job, really, you have
remote. Okay, so let’s go into, let’s go into this. So as you see, there’s a ton of
jobs here and most jobs that are posted are gonna be for things that are
something around, something around development. There’s a huge demand if for
developers and development, look junior graduate developer, you know, graphics
creator. A lot of design jobs. VP of communications, project manager, react JSL
developer, okay, software engineer, ruby developer, UI developer, DevOps engineer.
So many Dev jobs but if we look here, we can also see there’s a lot of, there’s a
lot of marketing jobs out there too, okay. Obviously development, if you want to
work remotely, get a skill and development, okay, get
some sort of you know, become a swift developer become a you know whatever get
some sort of development skill but if you want to do something else,
lots of lots of marketing jobs, you know.. Director of marketing, VP of
communications, PPC manager, SEO manager, copywriter project manager, you know,
creative directors. You have all sorts of marketing positions available but keep
in mind, if you look at this, it’s a six to one ratio, okay six to one ratio of
dev jobs versus marketing jobs so it’s just a bit more competitive and the pay
is a bit less for marketing jobs whereas if you have it, if you can
develop well, you know, you have a really good chance of getting hired, you
know, that gives you your best chance of working dev. Another site I like is
called Tech Guys Who Get Marketing and this is a site I actually used because
in my business, I work with a lot of people who do various marketing
activities for me. I have, God, I have so many people that do marketing related
stuff for my business and they’re all remote, you know. I use sites like this
one. So you see right here, Tech Guys Who Get Marketing and I’m at their job page
so work at tech guys, so as we see on this page, they have a bunch of
requirements. Again, you know, they’re looking for people who are good in
programming, they’re looking for people who are good in design and they’re
looking for people who are good in project management here so it’s
programming, project management, etc. Now they have a lot of requirements here,
they require you to send videos of yourself, they require you to know all
this different, you know, all these different marketing, you know, marketing
aspects of things. They require you know these different CRMs, they require you
know a lot of specific tools and skills that frankly, it’ll take time to learn
but if your goal is really to get a remote job, it might be important to look
into, you know, even if you’re a developer that knows PHP, CSS and HTML, you know,
they’re looking for people that know Infusionsoft, that know WordPress, that
know Salesforce, right. These are all important things if you are looking
work with, if you’re a tech guy looking to work with a marketing company and I’m
sure it’s, you know, they have some pretty good jobs there. So those are all things
you want to be aware of. Now last but not least, you can simply Google job boards,
remote work job boards in Google and you can find a bunch of job boards.
Here’s an article on medium. 28 job boards to find remote work for travelers
and digital nomads, okay. So if we scroll down here, we see a ton, a ton of job
boards. Admirable pro, angel lists, Atlas and boots, digital Nomad, DNX jobs, flex
jobs. You have a ton of job boards out there we can find digital job at remote
jobs and again, there is a market place for it out there a lot of new business
owners like myself are primarily working with people are exclusively working with
people on a remote basis so the jobs are out there, it’s increasing, you do have to
be competitive but you can do it and if you do it, you know, I mean the benefits
are you can spend your whole life, you know, near your kids, you know, closer to
home. Again that doesn’t mean you can’t work. I think a lot of people mean think
that means they can be lazy or just run to their kid when it’s crying. You can’t
do that, okay. If you’re working a job, you can’t just run out of the room and take
care of your kids or whatever but also, you know, you do and you can it also
means you can’t just go to a foreign country that has no internet access, you
know, or not good internet access so you can’t do go to meetings. You need to make
sure you have stable internet access and you are available when you tell your
boss you’re gonna be available. It doesn’t mean that you can slack off or
you know, your friends are feeling like doing something so you can leave early,
it doesn’t mean that. A remote job is a job, it just means you can wake up in
whatever city you want to and still do it. So I hope that educated are you a
little bit about finding remote jobs on the internet. Like this video if you
got something from this. Leave a comment if any of these particular
resources help to whether it was, you know, just knowing what to search, you
know, like remote works off boards or you know, digital nomads or tech guys who get
marketing, you know, these were placement helps you find a remote job and also
subscribe to my channel if you want to learn how you can work for yourself as a
internet entrepreneur. I run my own business online, I’ve been running my own business online
since 2012, I’m not working for anybody, if that’s something that interests you,
there’s a link in the description that explains to you what I do, you know, I do
what’s called affiliate marketing so thank you for watching and you have a
great day!

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