Apex Legends- How to Change Servers to Reduce Ping and Lag

Apex Legends- How to Change Servers to Reduce Ping and Lag

Hey, how you doing today, my name is Relyea and thank you so much for stopping by. Today I’m gonna show you how to do a ping check and a server change on Apex legends. Right now I’m playing on Xbox one If you don’t see the data center down at the bottom of the screen, one thing that you can do is wait a good 60 seconds Press Start to get to the accessibility options From here hit B to get back and if you click the right thumbstick down right here You can see the ping for all of the different servers that are available. And for me I want to go to one that has the lowest ping possible so I can switch over to a Belgium Just like that and now I’m hopefully gonna have an even better play experience with Apex legends I hope that you found this video helpful, please consider subscribing for even more apex legends videos here in the near future

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  1. Just getting started with Apex Legends and I am planning on adding a ton of tutorials. Let me know if you have any of your own tips worth sharing! I am planning on some Apex Legends season pass giveaways once pricing and all the info becomes available. Make sure to subscribe and be ready for that

  2. My player running in slowmotion my internets running good and fps are also good but still if u found solution lemme know please 🙂

  3. Bro I'm lagging so bad it's so annoying its not my Wi-Fi and I can't even move or talk because the lag is so bad peoples Mic breaks up I'm on ps4

  4. I just want to change cuz everyone in my fk game speaks French and doesn't know how to speak English.

  5. For those who can't see the acessibility option, just hit the button to change profile (Y on Xbox), then choose your profile again and now it will show the "Data Center" option under R3.

  6. This game claims that it has Multiple servers in Asia , but only connects 3-4 servers even after choosing a preferred server, which in my case i choose three SG server in Data center. Yet it connects to some server in EU(probably Amsterdam) and 3 other servers in US.

    If anyone else having this same issue please let me know.

    Steps to follow to determine your in-game ping when you join a game —>

    Launch the game

    Open Task Manager – Performance

    On the bottom click Resource monitor

    In Resource monitor go to Network

    Drop down Processes with Network Activity

    Check r5apex.exe (Apex Legends's game)

    Drop down TCP Connection

    And see Latency column which gives your in-game ping and tells which server you have connected to

    Also if there is a quick resolve for this that i can do from my side please let me know. I rather prefer playing this game on 40 ping rather than 150

  7. This game still has massive server issues. My friend on the West Coast doesn't suffer from lag but i do and my internet connection is fine. It also has hit registration issues.

  8. Anyone else’s game unplayable because of lag? My game freezes from lag and enemies just teleport away from my bullets

  9. I live in the Netherlands and I'm connected to Amsterdam servers, but my ping is still 187. How is this possible and what can I do to lower my ping?

  10. I need to set manually any time a start the game? Or I set it one time and the game save it and load the same server any time i start the game? (my English is soo bad, I know😁😳)

  11. Should I go with Virginia at 58 Ping 2 Packet loss (Live in VA) or St Loius which is at 98 Ping and 0 packet loss?

  12. all the servers have huge ping for me
    my internet isn't bad i play on 60- ms in league of legends and fortnite
    and many more

  13. I think the servers are still struggling to cope, my internet is working well as usual, my PS4 isn't faulty, I'm using the London server which is the automatic one and the one that has the lowest ping which is 15 and also has zero packet loss

    But yet I was getting pinged back and forth lmao, they really need to update them soon

    And the slow motion lag usually occurs when too many players land close to each other

  14. After the update I’ve been connecting to US servers (I’m UK) terrible packet loss. You just made me a happy man cheers 🙂

  15. The easiest way to do it so its guaranteed everytime, is to get kicked for inactivity in the main menu.
    Let the kicked for inactivity screen sit there for 5 to 10 min.
    And then close the inactivity screen, and the option to choose your server will be there, and it will be labeled as data center.
    (ive tested this multiple times and it worked everytime)

  16. I’m on ps4 and I don’t get any option to change netcodes even though I waited 2 minutes

  17. I suck at apex. But telling good jokes & befriending pro caliber players means I win a lot. I’m like the fat little guy on the pick up basketball game with two 6’-5” teammates. They dunk while I stand around and talk sh*t like kevin hart.

  18. This is cool but it doesnt seem to work for me. I am on the london server which is the lowest ping besides other places with -1. However, the lag sometimes is horrendous. I guess the game just has its days and im sure my wifi is okay. Yesterday my whole squad got lagged out of the game and sometimes one of us has a problem because we cant ready up.

  19. this does not help if yr lowest is still 250 Thats a a1/4 second delay might as well be a lifetime ..OH MY internet is Fine i can stream 1080 no problem

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