All 50 United States RANKED by Nickname. Where did your state rank? Part 1

All 50 United States RANKED by Nickname. Where did your state rank? Part 1

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs this week we’re gonna take a little bit light.
No stats, no studies. We are just going to look at all 50 states and we’re gonna
rank all 50 states by their state nicknames state nicknames are very
important they give the state an identity to the people that don’t know
much about the state they’re there to promote tourism and curiosity for the
state as an example if I told you my cousin’s nickname in high school was the
Palm Pilot you’d want to know what’s the backstory why did they call him the Palm
Pilot ten years before the Palm Pilot was ever invented state nicknames can be
powerful they can tell you about the history of a state they can tell you
about the people of a state and they can tell you about the land some states have
some well-thought-out nicknames that have meaning and some have nicknames
like someone forgot that the nickname was due until about ten minutes before
they had to turn it in on this video we’re gonna be ranking all 50 states by
their respective nicknames and give you a little backstory to how they came up
with that nickname on this video we’re gonna start from the absolute worst and
work our way up to the best so if we’re talking about the worst it’s gotta be
number 50 Oregon the abbreviation for organ is Oro and the full nickname for
the state is the beaver state this is the absolute worst I live in the beaver
state and I think this one is ridiculous so it’s like a giant rat that swims
round and clogs up streams and creeks who picked this name did they go to like
the local kindergarten and ask them to choose one and they picked beaver which
was the second choice right behind unicorn I get it we have a lot of
beavers in this state and that has nothing to do with the strip clubs which
we have a lot of – beavers were a major industry back in the 17 and 1800’s but
beavers we have a lot of really cool waterfalls why not go with something
like that or even about how about the rain that would be good we have a ton of
trees we had a great logging history that would be great they have a
secondary one called the Union state and I searched for about an hour and I found
nothing on it but it is their secondary name number 49 South Carolina the
deviation for South Carolina is SC the full nickname is the Palmetto State
South Carolina decided to name itself after Bush technically a tree but it’s
really a bush the Palmetto tree is what it is but it’s like a palm tree
forgot to grow a respectable trunk like a palm tree in Hawaii or California it
is actually called the Sabal Palmetto but it has other names the Palmetto the
Cabbage Palmetto the blue Palmetto the Carolina Palmetto the common Palmetto
Swamp cabbage and sable pong Swamp cabbage that sounds kind of weird anyway
that’s South Carolina and they don’t go for a backup nickname they’re just
sticking with the Palmetto State it’s on their coins and it’s on their flag
number 48 Wyoming the abbreviation for a Wyoming is WY the full nickname for the
state is the quality state this one has a great reason why it should use this
nickname sort of but it really doesn’t fit the state Wyoming was the first
state to grant women the right to vote in 1869 this is you know long before the
19th amendment which guaranteed that and that was in 1920 so they were well ahead
of the curve but the reason why was kind of weird they needed more voting
citizens to meet the requirements for statehood
that’s the only reason they did it so I guess Wyoming was cooking the books so
to speak this action led to the nickname the suffrage state then later the
Equality state it’s back up nickname is far better it’s the cowboy state that
fits Wyoming not the Equality State which is really not what they were
trying to do is give women rights they were just kind of you know playing a
game with numbers number forty-seven Mississippi deviation for Mississippi is
ms the full nickname of the state is the Magnolia state and there are magnolias
all over the state the Magnolia is also the state flower and the state tree the
state went all in on Magnolia is obviously both the state nickname and
flower are featured on the Mississippi Quarter right here this nickname glows I
have a new one for him the state that’s always picked glass in kickball now they
do have their own backup one which is the hospitality state Mississippi people
are very very nice and very hospitable that one makes sense the one that
doesn’t make sense they also have a third one there called
the mud cat state mud cat that sounds like the name of a minor league baseball
team number 46 Nebraska the abbreviation for Nebraska
is n e their full nickname is the Cornhusker state now right now you
probably want to ask me Briggs what is a corn Husker I’m gonna tell you a corn
Husker is someone who grows corn competitively yes this is a sport in the
state of Nebraska I but so is being bored to tears I could
never imagine getting excited to go to a corn growing competition if you know
someone who thinks this is fun and something to do
you should check in on them every once in a while because they ain’t right in
the head in 1945 the Cornhusker state became the
official nickname of Nebraska apparently at some point they were the beef state –
the beef state okay I imagine had some new cows cows and corn sounds like
something you do on a lot of flat land like Nebraska number 45 Arkansas the
abbreviation for Arkansas is AR and the full nickname is the natural state that
doesn’t sound like a state nickname it sounds like a beer commercial but
Arkansas has a lot of natural beauty hence the nickname the natural state
Arkansas is one of the more amazing states when it comes to nature the
Ozarks sort of make up for all the bad stuff this state has to offer but really
the natural state it’s just sort of a bland nickname they could have done so
much better the Ozark State would have been better they do have some backup
ones the land of opportunity and the wonder state the wonder state maybe the
land of opportunity that’s just a reference to family reunions and single
people in Arkansas but the natural state even though it’s bland it is kind of
fitting for this state especially the way the people treat the land they care
about the land in this state as an example we talked about Superfund sites
later on in this video you’ll see and some of the states have over a hundred
Superfund sites these are toxic dumps that are being cleaned up
Arkansas only has nine others have in the hundreds number 44 Idaho the
abbreviation for Idaho is ID the full nickname is the Gem State Idaho’s known
as the Gem State because of the show Shawnee Native American word for gem of
the mountain is Idaho they found out later this was a load of crap
some dude told everyone the natives told him that that was the word for gem of
the mountain Idaho when they asked the natives they said they didn’t even know
what this dude was talking about turns out he finally fessed up and said he
named it after a girl he met named Ida I don’t know where he got the hoe part but
I have my suspicions so the Gem State is lame in the first
place and then to find out it’s all about a lie they should probably just
call it the big lie state or maybe the dirty little secret state or something
like that number 43 the Illinois Illinois’s BRE VA is IL the
full nickname is the Prairie State the Prairie State is fitting I guess they
have some flat lands and a lot of farms but they also have Chicago couldn’t
they’ve tied that in maybe the home of Al Capone or something or even better
the state that killed her all de Rivera’s career that would be fabulous
Illinois has a second nickname after Abraham Lincoln they call it the land of
Lincoln Lincoln lived in Illinois when he was chosen as the President of the
United States in 1861 he was originally from Kentucky that’s where he’s born
then Indiana then he died in Washington DC so why is this the Land of Lincoln I
mean he was there when he was chosen for a job big deal it also has a third one
that should be organs it’s the rainy State that’s that’s organs nickname or
at least it should be what’s Illinois doing with it number 42
do Louisiana the abbreviation for Louisiana is La sort of like Los Angeles
the full nickname is the Pelican state there are more pelicans in Louisiana
than most any other place so Louisiana’s known as the Pelican state okay they got
a lot of pelicans I’m not a fan of pelicans I think they’re kind of useless
well I didn’t think they were useless a few minutes ago I have to tell you I
wrote two minutes worth the solid material on pelicans delivering babies
and while I was recording it I guess my wife heard it stuck her head in the room
and said storks bring babies you idiot not pelicans so that was that now they
have four other solid nicknames that they should go by the Bayou state
absolutely they got bayous everywhere the child of the Mississippi it’s at the
end of the Mississippi River totally makes sense I like that one a lot better
it was the child of Mississippi like the state I totally axe that one but it’s
also known as the sportsman’s paradise tons of fishing tons of everything there
and it’s also known as the boot because it’s shaped like a boot that wasn’t they
throw out but the other three are pretty good and number 41 I guess New Jersey
deviation for New Jersey’s NJ full nickname is the Garden State which that
makes very misleading in 1876 Abraham Browning presented a speech during which
he mentioned New Jersey’s being the Garden State and the nickname stuck ever
since become an official in 1954 I guess they drug their feet a bit kidding this
one up for a vote I hear they’re on the fence between that and the toxic waste
state I find it ironic that they go by the Garden State yet they have the most
contaminated locations in the country they lead the country in Superfund sites
and rude people the rude people thing are just as toxic as some of their land
it’s really weird New Jersey doesn’t have any other
nicknames they just stuck with Garden State this whole time weird the New
Jersey Department of Environmental Protection oversees the Superfund
program in New Jersey according to them as of March 10th 2016 there were still
105 Superfund sites listed on the national priority list in New Jersey 36
additional sites have already been cleaned up and deleted from the list now
to give me an idea how bad that is California which is like three times
four times the size of New Jersey only has 90 in Texas which is huge too only
as 53 calling themselves the Garden State is a bit of a joke all right so
that is the first of five lists we’re gonna have another one out tomorrow I
hope you guys enjoyed this I liked them don’t forget all the links below give
this video a big thumbs up tell me what you thought don’t forget to subscribe if
you already happen to everybody have a great day be nice to each other you

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  1. Sorry Bud NJ is in the top 10 in the US tomato producing states. Top 5 in Cranberry production. Top 4 in Spinach production. Top 5 in Bell Peppers. Get you're facts straight.

  2. You need to do some more research. The palmetto is not a cabbage palm (do not believe everything you read on the internet even if it comes from WebMD) the cabbage palm is the Florida state tree and is nothing like the palmetto that does not grow upright. The palmetto has berries that is used for medicine and the cabbage palm can be eaten and does taste similar to cabbage, also know as Heart of Palm and can be bought in stores. But on the other hand I do like your channel and vids, keep up the good work.

  3. Yeah, Briggs! Great idea, can’t hardly wait for the rest.
    What State does your cousins ex- wife live in? Is that how that State got it’s nick name?

  4. Idaho is the gem state because, of all the gem mines here. Also we are called the potato state because of our state crop, the russet potatoe.

  5. I've only ever heard Wyoming being called "The Cowboy State." Had no idea that was not the primary nickname. I guess equality kinda makes sense, granted what you said happened.

  6. Ida was a ho !!
    😂 being from NJ you are so, so right about the “Garden State” they can use Toxic but also corrupted or corruption because NJ and NY learned about using taxes as a way to have 3 or 4 pensions legally, this state is so corrupt it’s not even funny anymore !!

  7. This was really cool. I remember learning about this stuff when I was younger just out of my own curiousity. Very cool of you to do this!

  8. Residents usually associate the name on their license plates as their state's nickname. Louisiana has been Sportsmans Paradise since 60s. I think in 80s they were Bayou State but have went back to Sportsmans Paradise. Illinois is "Land of Lincoln" always has been as far as I've known.

    My state Kentucky is the best :p we have Bluegrass, Bourbon, Thoroughbreds, Corvettes are made here, the original Kentucky Fried Chicken and every college basketball teams worst nightmare, UK Wildcats!

  9. I don't agree on SC's Palmetto state being bad. You just don't like the name because ,horror of horrors it's southern and conservative. Whatever California's nickname is, they should be called the Land of Insanity.

  10. Okay, I feel like Maine’s gotta be on the next list. You put Oregon as worst because it is just a boring nickname, sure Oregon has a lot of beavers but so what. So surely Maine being called the pine tree state because we have a lot of pine trees is on the same level.

  11. No if u actually learned first hand on how Wyoming gave women the right to vote its even funnier. After a decently long day of legislators passing bills they eventually got super drunk. That is when they wrote and passed the law for women to vote. The next morning after giving the women the right to vote in the state, they tried every single way to repeal that vote. The Wyoming constitution stopped them from being able to do that, so to save face they were attempting to say ya we needed the votes and the population even though it didn't increase the population at all. I live in Wyoming and it is a real fact, don't spread rumors.

  12. Wait…. so LA has 3/4 rockin' names bc you don't like pelicans? Nobody likes pelicans. LA should get some credit and not end up on the bottom of yet another list 🙄 . Seriously, pelicans?

  13. I'm not sure, but when we stopped in Mississippi to take a leak, we were instantly covered UP with mosquitoes. So we concluded that the mosquito must be the state bird. (.)_(.)

  14. I always remember Heidi who I met in Eugene when I hear “the Beaver State”. Maybe not such a bad nickname for Oregon …

  15. 50. OR – The Beaver State
    49. SC – The Palmetto State
    48. WY – The Equality State
    47. MS – The Magnolias State
    46. NE – The Cornhusker State
    45. AR – The Natural State
    44. ID – The Gem State
    43. IL – The Prairie State
    42. LA – The Pelican State
    41. NJ – The Garden State
    To be continued…….

  16. The crap state I live in should have been in the top 5 worst. The Nutmeg state. What the hell is that?? CT Connecticut 3rd smallest and now a crappy state. It used to be a good state. Not anymore.

  17. Go MudCats!! ….
    Ummmm where?
    What do you mean?
    Well, you said ‘go’?
    Ummm well… would you prefer ‘viva’ instead?
    I think we’ll just go back home… more hospitable there

  18. Why do you always show video from New Orleans when you're talking about Mississippi , Briggs? You should know that'll piss off the Stump Jumpers and the Coonasses too!

  19. Florida is just the sunshine state but it rains a fuck ton here. I think the hurricane land is better,, or the "what is winter" state.

  20. California is way more than 3 or 4 times the size of Jersey I'm thinking 😂. Great video though Briggs, curious to see if my Montana made the top ten. Our two main nicknames are "Big Sky Country" and "The Treasure State". You have a wonderful day too Briggs.

  21. Lol.. I haven't heard Arkansas referred to as "The Land of Opportunity" since I was a kid (I'm 45). At that time, the adults would say, "yeah, land of opportunity to starve."

  22. The reason for SC being the Palmetto State is many forts used this tree as building material and the sponginess of them repelled cannon balls in the various attacks on them up and through the Revolutionary War.
    Not saying it's not a crappy nickname, but what do you expect from a state with Boiled Peanuts as the official state snack or The Shag as it's dance! 😂 Love that I'm a Sandlapper yes that's what we SC folk are called.

  23. From NJ & grewup on a farm <1/4mi from #1 Superfund on the both NJ & Federal EPA's list for more than 2 decades. Now I live in SC where felled Sabal Palmetto trees were used by General William Moultrie in defense of Sullivan's Island against the 🇬🇧. Hence the Palmetto State.

  24. Funny stuff Briggs, and probably satisfying for you professionally, but if you want to get back to your old hit count you may have to go back to California bashing. Here's a statistic for you I heard on the news recently. One quarter of the current 40 million California residents are foreign born. If you can work that into a video it would be sure to bring out the howlers. How about Top Ten States with the most foreign born residents. That should get you back up to half a million hits.

  25. only if Mississippi could go back to the magnolia being on his state flag instead of the Confederate flag on the upper left-hand corner which has sabotaged the state.

  26. Hey Briggs. How about the top cities and states to start a small business. Tax rate, disposable income, access to capital, regulations, etc. Thanks.

  27. Did not know that about Idaho. From there, never liked the name. But I am TRULY grateful you did not bring up what is on many licence. Famous Potato. I HATE THAT.

  28. Wow, I’m shocked Missouri isn’t #50 “The Show Me State” in school we learned that it’s a nickname for the people of Missouri. We don’t believe you until you “Show” us… which is also the definition of someone who lacks abstract thinking skills 😂 lol

    Great series though, can’t wait to see where you place us.💕

  29. So many people hating on Jersey. The urban areas are mostly shitty but the rest of the state is nice and TV doesn't give us a good image

  30. Mississippi-The State that's always picked last in kick ball!! Hilarious Briggs. Should've added. "The state that's kicked in the balls first"

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  32. Idaho is called the Gem State because it mines a lot of gems. Idaho's opals are highly prized. However, most people call it the Potato State. The Simplot Corporation here supplies Macdonald's with all their french fries.

  33. FYI "husking" is removing the outer leaves or husk from the corn ear. It is a difficult and tedious job that tears the hell out of your hands. A corn husker was a tough SOB.

  34. Nebraska nickname is “Cornhusker State” because of the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln, just as Iowa is Hawkeye State. Cornhusking isn’t a sport. Pth.

  35. Here’s a fun fact for my home-state.
    Not only did Wyoming use (in-part) women’s suffrage to gain population for state-hood, but also counted Cattle, Sheep, Travelers going through, and unborn children in the third trimester.

    Added to this, Wyoming didn’t meet the legal minimum population (500k) until after the 2000 Census.

  36. Idaho is named the gem state because there is a kind of rare gem found only here and in parts of africa. I belive it is called the star garnet or something

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