Afraid of heights? Watch these 7 High-Flying Challenges | MTV Fear Factor

Afraid of heights? Watch these 7 High-Flying Challenges | MTV Fear Factor

(suspenseful music) – Go, go, go, go, go. – Now she’s going for the rip cord, she got the last knot. (woman screams) She’s free, time! Three, two, one, go! – Go, go, go. – Don’t look down. Do not look down! – There’s a total of 12 flags
out there on the platform. One flag down, they got one flag. – This one. – It’s super weird being
on the teeter totter, the floor beneath your feet is moving. – [Ludacris] They got two flags down. – When I’m going for the
flags that are further out, I should be down on my knees so I don’t put as much of
my weight towards the end of the board where I can tip over. – I know but you have to go! No, listen. – Slow. – First two, first two. Just go, grab it. Grab the flag. It’s okay, just grab it. – It’s too light. – It’s okay. – Four flags. – Four flags, that’s all? – Go. It seems like it’s a lot
easier said than done. Grab the flag. Grab it! – [Ludacris] Doesn’t
sound like they’re working together too well. – Don’t complain. – Five flags. It’s starting to tilt. – Here, come on. Reaching out to the further
ones, that’s difficult. A little too much weight
could have us both going over the edge. – Six flags. So far they doin’ good. – We need to communicate extremely well. Use your length. Use your length. We just have to be very, very vocal. – Now the flags close up are easy. It’s the ones that are further out is where it gets dangerous. – Use your length. – I was so out of breath that I couldn’t even get a word out to say would you just give me one second? – Let’s go. – They starting to slow up though, those last flags are the hardest ones. – Let’s go! Use your length. – I am! – Use your length, grab it. (woman yelling) – Here it goes, here it goes. – I definitely wanted to
be coached and needed the encouragement but I
just thought it was very aggressive and I just do not respond well to aggressive talk. – You have to use your length. – What do you mean length? – Use your arms, go! – Doesn’t sound like Kim
is trusting Matt right now. – You stay back. – Go! (tense music) – Run, run, run, run, run. (contestants yelling) – They’re gone. – Woo! – You have to listen to me. – I just. – If it takes me yelling
and you can’t take it. – But it didn’t, but
obviously it wasn’t working, I wasn’t responding and you just kept. – Right, ’cause all you
had to do was listen. – What you’re saying is tight. – Yes, but you screaming
at me isn’t helping. – It doesn’t matter, you just gotta do it. – Well if you’d listen to me then you would have run back in time. (tense music) – Let’s go! C’mon. – Go, go, go. $50,000 on the line. – Let’s go. – [Ludacris] Gonzalo’s going crazy. – Spiderman, look at him go. (woman screaming) – Whoa! – The wind was pushing me back. I just kept trying to push
all my strength into it. My arms are getting tired. I wasn’t strong enough. – Wow. – C’mon baby, your feet first. C’mon! – Look at that, Gonzalo’s waiting for her. Chivalry is not dead. – I can do this! – Let’s go babe, c’mon! – Hey babe, try to use
your legs a lot ’cause it looks like she’s trying
to use all of her arms. – All arms, yeah. Use the legs. – C’mon, get up! – Gonzalo’s trying to help Nicole. They’re losing time. Can’t grab the cash until
they’re both on the couch. – C’mon, get up! – He’s pushing her up, look,
that is a guy right there. That is a guy. – Up! – Ah! – There she go, she’s almost there. – Go! Up! Go! Let’s go baby! – Ah! – [Ludacris] Wow! – I can’t watch this happen. This is insane. – You gotta get up first! – Ah! – Oh! – He fell! – He’s out. – Everything just happened so fast. A second later and I’m in the water. – It’s all about Nicole now. – No (beep) way! No (beep) way! – She’s on the couch. – Damn. – She’s got one bundle of
cash, she’s gotta find all 20. If she doesn’t, it’s a 30
second penalty for each. – C’mon Nicole you can do this! – What a relationship. What a relationship. (Nicole screams) – I can do this! – [Ludacris] She just found another one. – I am not letting my families down. – Looks like she’s counting her money. Matt you better not leave Tay hanging like Gonzalo just did Nicole. – C’mon! – Go babe! – Oh (beep). – She’s standing up. Time! All right, on my go. Three, two, one, go! And they are off. They are approaching the first level. – Let’s go baby, we got it. – Remember they gotta clear
all of the flags before they go to the next level. – When you’re standing on a beam, the whole thing is swaying. The wind is pushing you,
the flags are moving around very quickly. – [Ludacris] Max is
going for the tall one, let’s see if he’s got the reach. They got the first flag, all right. Max gave up on the tall one, he just released the one below him. Nick has got his. – You think I should go for this flag? – You got it dude, you got it. – [Ludacris] Max is still
struggling to get his one. – Think I should go for it? – Go for it dude. – I never thought that
I was afraid of heights or that it would get to me. When you try to grab that
flag, your whole body just tells you no. – [Ludacris] Ah, he almost fell just now, he just almost fell. – He’s taller than me. – [Ludacris] He is having trouble. Nick is not even trying to help Max. Got it. – Are we gonna be able to reach those? – [Ludacris] It’s getting
a little risky jumping. – How the hell are we gonna reach that? – [Ludacris] He got the flag
but wasted a lot of time. Looks like they’re making
their way up to the final tier. – Let’s go baby. Final stretch, let’s go. – Nick spends a little
bit more time in the gym than I do so I gotta hand it to him. I wish I could climb like that. – [Ludacris] They got one
more flag before they can take the selfie. – Yo, get the flag and put
your feet on the thing. – [Ludacris] Max is making his way up. – Feet on the tower, feet on the tower. – [Ludacris] They ready
to take the selfie. – For the money baby! – [Ludacris] And time! – UCLA, that’s how we do it! Go baby! – That selfie up there was probably the most extreme selfie I’ve ever taken. – Five, four, three, two, one, go! (tense music) – Drop a flag, where’s,
I don’t even see Tam. – Where’s Tam? – Woo, she didn’t even make it out. – The helicopter swayed
back and forth and the flag being so hard to reach and
then the water spraying on you, I had no idea what I
was getting myself into. – [Man] Oh she is, she’s over there. – Looks like Tam is taking her time. Oh! Uh oh. Jonathan is moving, he’s
already got five flags. They’re doing all right,
it’s just about the timing. Can they get all the
flags and take the selfie? There go that last one
you were talking about. – That one’s hard. – She’s reaching, she’s reaching! She got it. Jonathan’s going for
the selfie, he’s going! Jonathan got all nine
flags on his side already, that was fast. Oh! – Just waiting for Tam, I hope she falls. I just want her to fall,
not to get her selfie. – Now it all comes down
to Tam and how fast she can finish this. She’s got four more to go. Time is ticking. Two more! – Please fall. – She’s gonna fall. – She’s going for the last flag. She’s got her legs around that pole but she can’t reach it. Here she goes, here she goes. – She’s gonna fall. – Uh oh, she’s upside down. She’s going for it! Time! Yeah! – The wind was blowing
really, really hard. It’s scary when you’re
so far above the ground. If you get nervous, just
take a breath and know that everything’s gonna be okay. – Right. We were both just hanging
there like two kids on swing set. – Ooo, that’s a long way up. – Scared as I was, it just
something that I have to do. – Aneesa’s terrified of heights. I feel like if Aneesa
starts to lose her balance, she’s gonna sacrifice Laurel over herself. – Gotcha. Three, two, one, go! – Okay, Aneesa, here I go. I’m crossing now to the first flag okay? – Hold it. – [Laurel] Are you okay? – Hold on. – Do not look down, trust me. – I’m reaching. Gimme a little slack,
nope that’s too much. Okay I’ve got it Aneesa. – She got the first flag. Five more to go. Each flag is farther and farther away. It just gets harder and harder each flag. – Hold on, got it! – [Ludacris] There you go. – Got the second flag. – [Ludacris] Got the second
flag, all right, all right. Johnny, how you think
they’re doing so far? – I was expecting them to– – Fall already. – No, not fall already. I was expecting them to do well. – I’m almost there. – Uh oh. – She doesn’t have, she doesn’t have. – Someone was depending on me and if we were gonna get these flags or not. – I got it, Aneesa! – There you go, that’s three flags. – And there was a lot
resting on my shoulders. And I felt an immense
amount of pressure there. – Little bit more. – [Ludacris] She’s gotta stretch. – Little bit more. Little bit more Aneesa. – Drop her, drop her, drop
her, drop her, drop her. – Little bit more. – [Ludacris] That wind is messing ’em up. Oh, she got the fourth flag. Two more to go and it gets
scarier and scarier, trust me. – Just a little bit more. – Okay, hold on. – Hold on, Aneesa, you got this. Oh! Oh! – Little bit more. – [Ludacris] Hold on, hold on. – [Laurel] Little bit more. – I don’t know if Aneesa’s
ever stretched this much in her life. Look at that pose! – I got it Aneesa. – They’re killing it, man. My ability to talk (beep)
was just completely removed from my body because these girls were doing such a good job. – You ready, Aneesa? – Ready as I’m gonna (beep) be. – All right, baby. – [Ludacris] This is the hardest one. – Let me out a little. Just a little bit more. – It wasn’t like the flags
were just dangling there, easy to grab, it was difficult to get it because of the wind. – Little bit more. – I can’t. – [Ludacris] Hold on,
Aneesa, you got this. – Let me out. – [Ludacris] 50G’s go get it. – Let me out. – [Aneesa] That’s it. – That’s it? – That’s all. – [Ludacris] Oh! – Good job, baby! – Yeah! – Good job. – I started to look down and
that’s when I got a little bit more freaked out. Because I was afraid of the height. I think I like blacked out
for a second ’cause I was just like oh I’m in the air. – ‘Bout to pee my pants
on national television. – [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. You gotta get 20 flags. That’s one flag. That’s two flags. Those are the easy ones. – Dude, how do you get out? – Do not look down, girls. – Heights are a pretty big fear of mine. Actually exposed to the
possibility of falling off the car. That just was like a moment
where I think I like blacked out for a second ’cause it was just like, oh I’m in the air. – Do not look down girls, don’t look down. C’mon y’all got this. – Peek in the glass. – Really. I can’t reach it. – [Ludacris] Oh, they doing great. – You got them all there? – Yeah, go. – That’s eight flags. 12 more to go. Your sorority sisters are counting on you. You’re doing well, now you have 14 flags. Looking close, how you guys feeling? – I mean this is the
hardest part right here, this is where Nathan and
I spent the most time. – I think at the end of the day, they want it. – So you gotta worry about
what they’re gonna do. – They’re tough. – How do we get up here though? – I don’t know. – Slow and steady. Something about a rabbit. – I started to look down
and that’s when I got a little bit more freaked out. I was afraid to jump
up ’cause I was afraid of the height. – [Ludacris] Hold on, hold on. Face your fear, I believe in you. – Ooo, oh. – I got your leg, go. – [Ludacris] There you go, there you go. That’s that Delta Kappa Phi. Oh! Hold on! – It is so sketchy up there. – There’s nothing to grip onto this car. – [Ludacris] You have 60
seconds to try and beat Nathan and George. – In between the tire and the car. – [Ludacris] That’s the
Delta Gamma Phi right there, that’s what it is. – There you go. C’mon guys. – Uh oh, this is gonna be close. There you go, yeah! – Two in the middle? – I got it, I got it. – [Ludacris] Ah, this is
gonna be too close to tell. 19 flags! 20! Get off that car it’s gonna drop! (tense music) – Dude. – I don’t know man. Ooo! (car explodes) (helicopter blades whir) – Oh (beep) oh (beep) oh (beep) oh (beep). I’m literally jumping off a bridge. I get like a little anxious
like if I do look down. Agh! I just scream just to
like let out the pressure and anxiousness out. – Paulina’s hanging underneath. Thea’s in the cockpit. Three, two, one, go! – Take a long time to get out,
take a long time to get out. – All right, Thea’s moving fast. – Go, go, go, go, go, go! Go (beep) go! – [Ludacris] She’s down
onto the cargo net. – Fast as you can, as fast as you can. – Trying to get the first leg lose. – Mess up, mess up. – That’s right, that’s
right, that’s right. – She’s using both hands, unlike Cory. She’s got the first leg loose. Uh oh, this is a quick time. How you feeling about it so far? – Still got two more arms and a leg. – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! – She’s struggling a little
bit on the second leg, struggling she struggling. – Oh my god, oh my god. – She’s got her free, she’s
got the second leg free. – Oh my god, faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster! You (beep) got it. Faster! Faster, faster, faster, faster! Faster! – This is gonna be close. – $50,000! – [Ludacris] Very close. She’s almost got the third knot free, she’s working on the right hand. – Oh my gosh. – [Ludacris] She’s got that one free. She’s working on the last
knot, working on the last knot. – Go, go, go, go, go, go! – Ah, she’s struggling
now, she’s struggling. – Yes, struggle, struggle bad. – Go, go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go, go. – Now she’s going for the rip cord, she got the last knot. (woman screams) She’s free, time! – (beep) my heart’s beating crazy. – That’s gonna be too close. ‘Cause literally that
like so neck and neck, I don’t even know what just happened. – When I first got out of the helicopter, I felt like I was getting
an anxiety attack. ‘Cause you were screaming at me. – I know, I know! – And then the helicopter sound. And then like looking down, the fact that I have so much pressure. It was literally all on me and that was not chill. Oh Jesus. – That was a lot scarier than I thought. – Oh yeah. – Oh my (beep).

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