Add a Rotator to Your Tendenci CMS Website

Add a Rotator to Your Tendenci CMS Website

>>Sarah: Tendenci uses tags inside of itís
system to help display content inside your internal
pages and on your home page in specific content
areas. For example if you look here on the screen we have our rotator box in a brand new site, and it says to used the word ìrotatorî when you add your first story, that will allow it to show up here on the rotator. Adding a story without rotator would not display it on your main rotator bar. You can also add stories as you read down
here, add a story and tag itís sponsor, to have the image appear here. So letís go ahead and add a story. The first time you do that you can simply
click on this link inside your template and it will take us over
to add a story. A story is a short way to add an image, maybe a short sentence about what the thing
is about. ÖSo weíre going to do ìmy first storyî. Here is a content boxÖ ìadd story details as you would like!î Öand then you can choose the image, this is what will go inside the story rotator. So weíre going to come down here andÖ letís selectóthis is going to be a rather large image because I know that that was a large rotator box and again I have a help file in the Tendenci help files that will be linked with this video where you can find all the different template sizes for these types of things. So if I wanted it to link somewhere, in this
case, the picture I used goes to a park called Discovery
Green. It already comes the first time because I
clicked through labeled as a rotator, you will want to add
this later. Stories come with start and date and end times
for when they will be removed automatically or uncheck this box if you want it to never expire. And then we have our permissions where you
can determine who can view it and who canít, since this
is a rotator and itís going to be on our home page we
want it to show up for anyone who visits. And then hereís some administrative features that we can cover when we go into detail on
adding content specifically. Weíre going to go ahead and click add the
story and itís going to upload the image and save
it… and then we will be able to see what that looks like with the rotator tag. So weíll click on our logo here to go back
to our homepage and here we see it says ëmy first storyí, the content that I put in that box is right
here and hereís the image that weíve uploaded
into the rotator. Now because weíve uploaded our first story
into the rotator youíll see that the other options for the
rotators are no longer here. So how do we add our second rotator box so that actually will go through the banner. To do that weíll come to our admin bar at
the top, weíll come down to where we see stories and click add a story, weíll wait
for the stories page, here we goÖ [typing]Ö weíll add some text
in hereÖ letís pick a different fileÖ …and this time Iím going to have it go
ahead and link to, now again you
see this time it doesnít say anything in the tags box, weíre just adding a story, it doesnít know
which one we want. However, if we start select rotator anything weíve entered before will drop down and we can select rotator from there or just type the whole thing in. Now letís say I think I do want this one to expire on March 30th, I can select the time as 1pm in the afternoon. It wonít show up after that. And then weíre going to go ahead and hit add story again. Go back to the home page since it successfully added the story andÖ now youíll see we have two stories. My first story and Ö see itís rotating on itís ownómy second story. So now you can see how to add stories in your Tendenci web site. Clicking on these links will take you to the link you referenced inside when you created
the story.

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