7 Free Tools That Help You To Make A WordPress Website

7 Free Tools That Help You To Make A WordPress Website

Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video
I want to talk about seven free tools that you can help, no that can help you to create
a beautiful WordPress website. I’m trying to do this without any cutting
and editing. I’m just gonna do it. The first one seven free things that can help
you to create a beautiful WordPress website. The first one is ServerPress. ServerPress as tool that will enable you to
create a website on your own computer or on your Mac .It is free, you can get it at ServerPress.com
and you can get the free version and with the free version you can create up to three
websites on your computer for free. So if you don’t want to have web hosting yet
we just want to see if making websites it’s something for you or you want to just play
along, make a website without spending any money just for fun then can use ServerPress. The second one is OceanWP. If you use a WordPress you need a theme. You can have premium themes that cost money
or you can use free themes and I think the best free theme is OceanWP. It contains a lot of extras within the theme
itself so you don’t need to have a lot of extra plugins if you want to add different
stuff to your website and I like that. So you can use it for free and if you have
a theme you need to have a great page builder and I happen to know a free page builder called
Elementor, which is the third free to. Elementor is by far the best free page builder
in the world. I’ve seen guardians of the galaxy and I have
not seen something great as a page builder called Elementor, so I think it’s the best
page builder in the universe. This was a really bad joke but I will just
continue and go on. Elementor is a free page builder that will
enable you to create a beautiful website and if you want to know more about it, I have
a lot of tutorials. By the way I have tutorials about all the
steps about ServerPress, about making backups, about transferring websites and about OceanWP,
about Elementor. About the most tools I have tutorials. So elementor you can create beautiful websites. There’s also a pro version but even with a
free version you can create beautiful websites. If you want to give your website a professional
look, you need professional images and you can buy those through I stock, but there are
also a few websites that enable you to get free images and you don’t need to give credit
to anyone you can just search for the image and get it and use it without any permission
or complicated stuff. So that is Pexels.com, Pixabay.com and unsplash.com,
you can find beautiful images, use them in your website, use Elementor to place them
to use blend modes to do all kinds of great stuff. You can even use Photoshop to enhance them
so that’s what you can do, use free images. The fifth one is plugins. Plugins enable you to do special things put
in your website for instance, a plugin that help you to clone your page instead of creating
the exact same page over and over again or a plug-in that helps you to export your website
to a different domain or a plugin that creates beautiful slider for you or a plug-in that
enables you to create beautiful opt-in pages, that’s why I help you to get more addresses
from people. So plugins are great and I have a video about
the best plugins, you can get for free for WordPress. You can click on it in the link in the description. So let’s continue with 6. Facebook, use Facebook groups like the OceanWP
Facebook group. The Elementor Facebook group, maybe there’s
even a ServerPress Facebook group and then you can ask questions if you’re stuck. You say hey, I’m getting stuck at this and
this and this point and then people react, then you need to do this and this in this
and, than you can follow along, so that’s the great thing about Facebook groups. Yes ok the 7th one really important, watch
videos of Tyler, Hogan, Ferdy Korpershoek, watch videos of Ferdy Korpershoek on YouTube
about WordPress and of course there are other great people Darrell Wilson, Tyler Moore,
Adam Impaler, that’s name a WP Crafter. There are a lot of great instructors. Everyone is different, they’re always great
that there are a lot of great ones and I think I’m also great in a different way. I may be a little bit more simplistic and
how I teach so everyone has their own teaching style and maybe you like mine, maybe like
one else but search or search use a YouTube to search for things you want to learn about
WordPress and that will help you. So I hope those seven tools help you a lot. Like this video if you like it. Subscribe for more upcoming videos and I can
tell you there are coming a lot of videos and I can tell you because I know and I know
because I’m deciding ,what I’m uploading. So have a great day, have a great life make
beautiful websites and that’s it bye bye

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  1. I believe your one of the best instructor… The tutorials and instructions are simple, easy to follow and great πŸ™‚

  2. I love your simplified methodology of teaching. Would you please make a video on image manipulation using Photoshop or GIMP? Am really struggling to custom my images for websites.

  3. Hey Ferdy, im a Front-end intern and im building a website for a big company, just wanted to thank you for your videos, It has helped me so much along the way, i have shared the video with close friends and will recommend you to alot of people, hope you have a good day!

  4. Thank you Ferdy, I love your work, I use lot of your templates, and have learned so much from your videos. Keep going and helping people like me, who started off not even knowing what the meaning of hosting or domain name and in just 2-3 weeks now I'm making and managing my full website.

  5. Thanks Ferdy for all your work, your videos, your help and inspiration. Please keep on doing such a great service for us. Cheers from Bavaria, Andi

  6. Ferdy, I appreciate this video but didn't you say that Astra was your favorite free theme, have you changed your mind? Or do you get more kick back from recommending OceanWP?

  7. Ferdy… u are the reason I could learn about wordpress and newspaper theme as a new beginner and could create my website in a month. You are such a genuine person.. keep doing this gr8 work.. u are awesome!!

  8. I really enjoyed the "No Editing" video. It put a smile on my face and yet it was a very helpful video. Thanks for the smile!!!

  9. I love what you are doing….what tools do you use to create your videos? Could you please create a simple tutorial for creating videos?

  10. Thanks Ferdy for all your work, your videos, your help and inspiration. Please keep on doing such a great service for us. Cheers from Bavaria, Andi

  11. I think this is the best video of yours ever!!! I love that it was done in one take, it shows your personality! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  12. You are my number 1 teacher. You make it super simple..Havent start using Elementor since i have Enfold but might try it now:-)

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