5 Scary Websites You Should NEVER Search

5 Scary Websites You Should NEVER Search

Hey guys welcome back to Top 5 Scary Videos
im Court McGinley. Lets jump right into our list of the Top 5
Scary Websites You Should NEVER Search Starting off at our number 5 spot–Death map-
Yeah if the word death is in the site title you should probably avoid going on it. This site shows you in real time a statistical
simulation of people dying around the world. This is shown on an interactive map where
red dots pop up for deaths and green dots pop up for births . Now this isn’t so bad
you know seeing deaths along with births- a little give and take. But it turns pretty morbid when you check
off the show deaths box and then youre just sitting there essentially watching people
die all across the world. Yeah I would just recommend staying away from
this site. Anything that allows you to see how easy it
would be for us to all be those red dots- and take your mortality into question isn’t
a site that should be so easily accessible. In at number 4–Joy of Satan- This is a site
that is dedicated to Satan- and its for people who follow the religion Satanism. Yep this exists. So for those who are like uhh what the heck
is Satanism- well apparently it all started in 1966 and it’s the following of ideological
and philosophical beliefs based on characters of Satan. This site contains endless information on
the religion- so this includes the beliefs- origins- details about Lucifer- and even how
to become a Satanist. So the most unsettling part of all of this
is how the site tries to get the visitors to join Satanism. Its really directed to troubled teens and
it encourages them to join and to summon demons. They use the fact that teens like to rebel
and are impressionable to their advantage and they suck them in. Some people might find this silly- but the
people who run this sight are clearly disturbed and they are trying to have other people join
them in their beliefs. At number 3–Death Date- Ok so why would you
want to know when your going to die? Like yeah I get the fact that it allows you
to do all the things you want to do before physically leaving this earth. But at what cost? You could do something really dangerous and
die even sooner- and what happens if you find out your going to die at a young age? Its just best to not know. So one site that really freaks people out
is called Death Date. It basically takes the pretty much impossible
task of telling someone the exact date on which they are going to die. When you go on this site you are presented
with the question- so you want to know when? If you click yes then you need to answer some
more questions such as your height- weight- birth date- gender- and if you partake in
alcohol-drugs- or smoke cigarettes. Once you fill out all this information the
site will tell you which date you will die on and exactly how much time you have left
on this earth. It will show you a countdown clock including
the number of years- months- weeks- days- minutes- and seconds you have remaining. The only positive thing about this is that
there hasn’t been any deaths that have reportedly coincided with this- but then again if theyre
dead how would they let the site know. Coming in at number 2–The 5th nail exposed-
This is a website that contains the blog of a convicted serial killer and violent sexual
predator. Basically this killer slash pedophile was
raping young kids since he was a teenager in the 70s and hes been documenting it. It was later realised this blog belonged to
a man named Joseph E Duncan the 3rd. Joseph would handwrite letters from his cell
in prison and send them to a creep who runs the blog for him. When this person receives letters from Joseph
he would then type them up for him and post them on this site. The postings on the site are very detailed
and graphic. It really allows you into the mind of this
dangerous serial killer. Its one thing to watch criminal minds and
true crime shows and stuff like that. But this site is just on a whole other level. In at number 1–Bestgore- So not only is this
sight extremely disturbing and controversial- it also landed its founder Mark Marek in jail
due to how messed up it is. Yeah that pretty much says everything right
there. So best gore is pretty much a shock site-
basically its whole purpose is to shock the user. It does this by uploading the most disturbing
images and videos you will ever come across in your life. So you might be saying to yourself-common
how bad could it be? Well it contains images and videos of beheadings-
dismemberment- and even rape. What makes this even more messed up and disgusting
is the fact that all of the content posted on this sight is 100% real. Nothing on this sight is pretend- its all
stuff that is happening on our planet. These are images- videos- and recordings that
will leave you with nightmares. People go onto the site because they are curious
and they leave the sight wishing they didn’t let their curiosity get the better of them. So many people have gone on forums telling
people not to make the same mistake they did and to avoid going on the site. Because once you see something that disturbing
you cant un-see it. Shockingly enough even with the sites creator
behind bars the site is still up. Theres literally only one warning on the site
that reads-Warning extremely graphic. But I do have to mention that this warning
comes after the banner picture of a girl whos naked being spit roasted over a fire. Yeah.. Alright and there you have it that’s our
list of the 5 Scary Websites You Should NEVER Search. Thank you all so much for watching. Let me know what other lists youd like to
see down below. Don’t forget to show us some love by subscribing
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  1. Incorrect about Satanism. Real Satanism is actually atheistic. Real Satanism only uses Satan as a symbol. That site is devil worship, not Satanism.

  2. Wow just wow.
    Love your videos.

  3. I actually go on BestGore. I go on it once in a while to see how Gorey or terrible this world can be. I don't watch the rape videos(because that's just insensitive) but do watch death videos. The last video I watched was of a dog supposedly committing suicide and either killing or knocking out a woman who it landed on.

  4. It's funny how you make satanist sound morbid and horrible when really it's the most harmless religion in the world
    Edit. ONE of the most

  5. Hey, wanna hear something fun and easy to do!!


  6. Its funny how satanism is for "disturbed" people but that word would never be used for other religions like catholic a word more suited there of course is "peadophile" but satanism is no more weird than catholic or christian or muslim or any other

  7. Anyone growing up in the 90's would know that the gore site is nothing new. Whoever wrote it has never heard of the site Ogrish.

  8. You Remind me of lorelei's friend Suki, from the Gilmore Girls. (Now picture that comments in your head with a Japanese accent)

  9. Uh, you didn't explain Satanism correctly. The 1966 thing is referring to LeVayan Satanism which is atheistic. They don't even believe Satan exists and only uses him as a symbol. You aren't going to find any blood sacrifices, scary people, or w/e. Joy of Satan is either a site for devil worshipers, a satire site, or edgy people going over the top and pretending to be what they think a satanist is. It obviously doesn't know what branch it's talking about. I'm agnostic, but one of my exes is a LaVeyan.

    Edit: Nvm. Did some digging and it turns out the site is just a front for the National Socialist Movement. The founders are just larping as "Satanists" to lure in vulnerable, troubled, or curious people and take their money. It's a scam site. I think I remember it being on one of Mutahar's Deep Web Browsing episodes now, but I never paid attention to it till tonight.

  10. So I went to the death map and the death date sites purely to scare my daughter. Lol She freaked out but nows shes like i'm not even scared.

  11. For four why was Anton LaFayette shown? He is a Laveyan Satanist. Laveyan Satanist are basically Atheist. Marilyn Manson is one. The Church of Satan community is also quite kind

  12. Best Gore is disturbing. I saw the site seven years ago after someone sent me the link. That image of the woman being roasted still haunts me! I very vividly remember it

  13. am I the only one who was freaked out by how many births were happening, its like watching GREMLINS 3 in real life! more deaths please or at least make people sterile for 40 years

  14. Yeah– Best Gore is quite disturbing… do NOT look up motorcycle accidents– you just can't unsee that shite! 😲

  15. Listen, Bestgore isn't bad, you're just uninformed. They're news stories, most of them anyway. Extremely tame.

  16. I used death date i put false information to be safe it said illl die on december 27th right after christmas thats a horrible time to dir

  17. Joy of Satan was not founded in 1966, it's the Church of Satan, who most definitely do not endorse worship of anyone but themselves, and especially not to Satan whom they don't even see as a real being. And the most unsettling thing about the JOS is their blatant antisemitism.

  18. Hi Courtney 😊 I just watched the video: Websites you should never search. I have been on the Best Gore website and yes it's contents are very disturbing but unfortunately it's reality. When I go on the website I just keep an open mind. The majority of the videos are from other countries. As Americans there are laws we have to abide by but in lots of countries people prefer to do their own justice and the police officers are corrupt. Keep up the great videos Courtney👍 I totally enjoy watching all the videos 🤗

  19. wow, goт вιaѕ. тнere'ѕ peer preѕѕυre тнen тнere'ѕ regυlar тeenage reвellιon. тo ѕay ѕaтanιѕтѕ тry leadιng yoυng people aѕтray ιѕ noт what orтнodoх ѕaтanιѕм ιѕ aвoυт. yoυ dιd тнe тeѕercн, вυт yoυ placed yoυr вιg ғaт jυdgeмenт on ιт, and ѕaтanιѕм ιѕ noт aвoυт raιѕιng deмonѕ, ιт'ѕ aвoυт ғreeιng oneѕelғ ғroм тнe concepтѕ oғ нypocrιтιcal aвѕolυтιѕм тнaт cнrιѕтιanιтy ιмвeddѕ ιn oυr cυlтυre. ι'м noт even a ѕaтanιѕт, or lυcerғeғιan, вυт ι do ĸnow a jυdgeмenтal тone wнen ι нear ιт…

  20. copycat, just coping other peoples videoes on this topic.. its 1.8 billion+ sites out there.. you should be able to create your own list

  21. Thank you. I wonder if #3 asks in which country (life expectancy is very important) the person lives and at what age his (grand)parents died

  22. For being “the scariest channel on YouTube” you guys can be pretty condescending about certain types of horror.

  23. The only church that has thus far had no scandals, either sexual, financial, or otherwise, is the church of Satan. Just sayin'.

  24. Ahaha "Nightmares" she says, I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast while scrolling through Bestgore

  25. Joy of Satan believes in actual Satan , and is considered polytheistic in their teachings. You said Satanism been around since 1966. Thats true if Levayen or Modern Satanism is concerned. In which they dont believe in an being , more atheistic . That Church Of Satan, and The Satanic temple have similar type beliefs in that respect. Traditional , Theistic Satanism have been around for hundreds of years, there are teachings, books date back middle ages or older. Satanism is a broad term I know of six different types ,Also we all have our own beliefs , i dont agree wit everything joy of Satan is. but calling disturbed. Some may think same back with your beliefs, could say something like hey not my thing, whatever floats your boat etc, . This is a sensitive fine line thing.

  26. I remember on that website I watched two beheadings of dudes… one got his head chainsawed off and the other had his head knifed off slowly… damn it was bloody.

  27. I'm kind of disappointed to see Satanism misexplained on this channel. Satanism is not the worship of Satan at least not the one founded in 1966. LaVeyan Satanism only uses Satan as a symbol of pride and does not believe in Satan himself or the supernatural. Instead, it's a belief of self-value and individualism. As a Pagan myself, I cannot stand seeing different religions always being misrepresented as something evil or negative when that's far from the truth. You guys are better than this. :/

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