3 Ways to Embed PowerPoint Presentations on a WordPress Website

3 Ways to Embed PowerPoint Presentations on a WordPress Website

Hi, it’s Brian from iSpring, and today, we’re
gonna cover 3 different ways to embed PowerPoint presentations on a WordPress website. Let’s start here with a presentation in
PowerPoint. In the first half of this video, I’m gonna
show you the publishing process, and in the second half, I’ll show you the WordPress part. So, we’ll just click Publish on the toolbar
to get started. Now, you can actually see all three methods
right here in this window. The first method involves using your own website,
so you’ll choose the Web destination. The other two are iSpring Cloud and YouTube,
which we’ll get to in a sec. For interactive stuff, you’re gonna wanna
use one of these first two methods, and HTML5 is a perfect format for that. You might wanna check your title and destination
folder, and then you can go ahead and publish. Once the process is complete, the preview
window will pop up, and you can upload right to your website via FTP. This is actually a super-simple process, and
you can check out the tutorial on that if you like. Once you get it uploaded to your site, you’re
going to have to convert the URL to an iframe code, which can be found in the article in
the description. If you don’t have your own website, or if
you’d rather skip the whole FTP and iframe process, you can just use iSpring Cloud sharing
service. You can either select iSpring Cloud as a destination
back in the Publish window, or you can select it right here in the preview window. Just click Sign In, and enter your email and password. Now you’re ready to upload directly to iSpring
Cloud! Again, you can change the title and destination
folder if you like, and then click OK. When it’s done uploading, you’ll see a preview
of it here in the Cloud interface, and now you’re ready to get your embed code. Just click Share, and go to Embed Code, and
there you go! iSpring Cloud takes all the guesswork
out of embedding content. All you need to do now is copy this code. But before we go to WordPress, I’m just going
to show you the YouTube publishing method real quick, and then we’ll bring it all together. We’ll just go to Publish again, and this time,
select Video. From the dropdown here, select YouTube, and
you’ll see another sign-in process just like I showed you earlier with Cloud. Select a video profile from the dropdown,
and add a title and description if you like. You can even select a YouTube category and
permission settings from these menus. What I’m gonna do here is just publish one
slide so it’ll go faster, and I guess 5 seconds is OK. Now let’s click Publish, and iSpring will automatically convert and upload our presentation to YouTube. When the process is complete, your presentation
will open up on YouTube, and you’ll see a message that the video is currently being
processed, but that’s fine. All you need to do now is click the Share
button, and go to the Embed tab. And once again here, we have an embed code. Now that you know how to get embed codes,
it looks like it’s WordPress time! Here we are in the visual editor, and we’re looking at a blog post about… embedding stuff on WordPress! Whoa, man, pretty meta…By the way, this
is how an iframe code from your website would look. Just replace this with a real URL from your site. Now, scrolling down here, you can see that
I’ve inserted a convenient placeholder here for my Cloud code, and here for my YouTube code. So let’s just go to the Text mode and replace
those placeholders. It’s easy to find them in all that code, because
I put three exclamation marks. We’ll just put the Cloud code here, and then
find our YouTube placeholder, and put the YouTube code here. Now, we can scroll up and click the Preview
button to see how it looks. And there’s our WordPress post with the embedded
content! Thanks for watching; now you’re ready
to impress on WordPress!

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